Guys, I suck I know…. As usual this announcement is over 2 weeks late! I promise you I’m going to get better at this this year. You have to realise how long it takes to choose a winner, ensuring everyone has followed the correct steps and taking into account all the bonus entries. It’s a massive task and I just couldn’t face doing it over the festive season. BUT I’M BACK!

And it gives me great pleasure to announce that our winner of the bathroom makeover is…… Monique Neek Couvaras! CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope these lovely spoils help your spruce your bathroom space up a bit and turn it into something BEAUTIFUL!! ♥

For those who missed it this is what our lucky winner walks away with: 

  • From KNUS : a liquorice floor basket (ideal for rolled up towels or laundry) and a Dhurrie Tabby bath mat. VALUE : R1140 + R 285 = R1425 
  • From Vox Furniture: a beautiful Brine Pendant Lamp. VALUE: R1,160.00
  • From Ashanti : an authentic woven tray and basket. (Medium Tray: R250, choice between two woven  Basket featured R300,) VALUE: R550
  • From That Little Shop : a bespoke Turksh towel: VALUE: R540
  • From Linen House , a selection of luxury bath towels as well as a marble tumbler and soap dispenser. VALUE: R2500
  • From Simply Child  a stunning Wall ladder, perfect for towels in the bathroom or blankets and throws in any other area in your home. VALUE: R520 
  • From Design Store , their stunning Hairpin pot plant stand. (Perfect for any area in you home, but so well suited to bathroom space because it long and narrow and doesn’t take up too much space!) VALUE: R990
  • From Cape Island: a selection of their luxury bathroom products inspired by the natural beauty of Southern Africa.  Your choice between a candle OR diffuser PLUS  Liquid soap and lotion. (Diffuser R395, Liquid soap R205, luxury lotion R205 Candle R320).    VALUE: R805

I’m so excited to see what this year brings and to keep sharing our journey with you and connecting with moms out there. Happy 2019!! Let’s do this!


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