It’s no secret around here how much I have loved having a little girl. Still, I will take every opportunity to shout it from the rooftops and share with anyone who will listen about the many girly experiences she has brought my way. From pigtails to dollies to lacy dresses and headbands, it’s been my dream come true having a little person who reflects a little bit more of… me.

After two boys (who I love with every fibre of my being!) I felt like she was the final piece to our puzzle, the little X chromosome, who would balance out the boy to girl ratio in our home and offer me a little bit of moral support. And possibly in the years to come, commiserate with me over the messiness and smelliness of the boys we have been destined to live with. I used to think that she represented a part of me, a degree of femininity if you will.

But let me make one thing clear. There is no telling what kind of person this little girl is going to become. With two brothers in the house, it’s really no surprise that her favourite toys are bikes and balls and that she has more attitude and charisma than both her brothers put together. There is not much that will stand in the way of my strong-willed girl child or hinder her from experiencing a life free from any gender stereotypes.

I have had to accept that while I love the idea of dolly tea parties, fairly wings, ballet lessons and girly clothes, she is certainly not limited to these things. Truth is she may even form a strong aversion to all things girly the older she gets. She may choose karate over ballet or soccer over netball and flip, I kinda think that’s awesome. I want her to know that she can do anything, wear anything and be ultimately be anything she wants.

In fact I have loved dressing her in more boyish clothing from time to time and I have been known to venture into the boy section on more than one occasion. I really do enjoy mixing up her clothes with more gender neutral pieces that don’t scream PINK PINK PINK!! Like her oh so cute boy cute denim dungarees I bought from Keedo when she was much younger! I loved pairing them with a cute pair of tommy takkies, the pony tail in her hair, the only small clue of her girliness.

Keedo are one of my favourite brands for children’s clothing and I love that their ranges have something to express both Hunter’s girly side and her more relaxed boyish side. And that I can even venture into the boy section if I see something cute for her there too! While Keedo’s ranges celebrate girls and boys with some gorgeous pieces for both sexes, there are so many pieces that are gender neutral and allow your child more freedom when it comes to style.

⇑ How stinking cute is this little outfit? These denim shorts are amazing quality and will last her two more seasons (I’m sure!) before we hand them down to someone else. I love this about Keedo – they believe in sustainable fashion that lasts and we love buying  less GREAT quality than lots of poor quality clothing. The top is so gorgeous I wish they made one in my size, I just love these colour combinations on her.

⇑ Clothes that are made for the adventurous child who embraces life to the full and is always outside exploring! Yup that sounds like my Hunter grace! Robber featured above with embroidery detail is also just too lovely and perfect for the summer. I love a timber like this that works similarly to a dress but is more functional for a little girl who loves to move and climb and see the world!

You can see more of their latest offering by visiting their website. With Christmas around the corner we want to spoil one lucky mama with a R500 to spoil your own child.

To win a R500 voucher :

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