There are many things I have had to accept as a mom to three little people. The fact that nothing will ever truly be my own, that sleepless nights are a reality for the forceable future and that no matter which way I look at it my life is going to resemble something out of a zombie apocalypse from time to time.

Adding to these things, I have come to accept that my body will never be the same after carrying and birthing three kids. And it really shouldn’t be when you consider what it has been through, and more importantly what it has achieved!! But coming to terms with the fact that I will never feel comfortable in a bikini again is something that falls in this list of things I’ve had to accept.

Look, I get that I should feel confident enough to rock a bikini and not give rat’s arse what people think of my flabby bits but I can’t pretend to feel happy and confident if I’m not. I prefer to approach it from a different angle and find solutions that will help me feel sexy and positive about my body when I’m around the pool and at the beach. Don’t get me wrong I take my hat off to moms who are able to bounce back, and more so, to moms who have the self-confidense to embrace their new shape and stick it the rest of us. I salute you! But for me, I need to cover up a little more to feel comfortable in my own skin.

And so just before we set off on our Mauritius adventure in June, I made it my mission to find a swimsuit that hid all my wobbly bits while still allowing me to feel sexy. I discovered a great new platform called Choose Me that specialise in Swimwear and Lingerie and through a few emails, the owner Camille and I got talking. She gave me some wonderful advice about her range of swimsuits and pointed me in the right direction. I ended up finding the perfect black One piece, the MOONTIDE MESH FRONT INSERT SWIMSUIT (R 1,199.00) and fell in love with it. With a little of scepticism I ordered it online and held by breath, praying it would be the perfect fit. And it was!

I cannot tell you how beautifully this cozzie fits me. It’s made in a way that it holds you in in your vulnerable areas and almost works as a miracle suit. (It’s not the actual Miracle Suit, which they do in fact stock, but it works in a similar way!) After trying it on, I simply couldn’t wait to hit the beach in Mauritius and even though I took another costume with me, I ended up wearing this one the entire time. I love it because I could simply pull on a cute pair of shorts and it looked like I was wearing a body suit, or throw on a pretty kaftan for a more relaxed beach look around the pool and restaurants.

While they are a little more pricey than your department store costumes, there is no doubt that buying a great quality piece like this is an in investment.  Truth is, I already have my eyes set on another one! This Blue Moontide Full piece.


Choose Me was started in June last year by Camille Fletcher, making it a young business of only a year old.
Inspiration for the site was to make Branded Underwear, Swimwear and Activewear accessible to those of all shapes and sizes with product to suit every budget. (Nowadays to find good underwear you have to shop in often overpriced boutiques which are hard to come by…and when the department stores and big sites like Edgars/Superbalist/Zando do stock the brands you can often not get your size)
Choose Me stock 20 brands of Underwear, 14 brands of Activewear and 10 brands of Swimwear. They also stock a small selection of Men underwear, Swimwear and socks!
They offer Free Returns on all items (excluding panties) and work hard to find the perfect fitting piece for their customers.
Delivery is fast, generally 2-3 days across SA if we have the item in stock, otherwise longer (which is specified on those particular products) if they are ordering something in from overseas.
They are official licensed stockists of all the brands they offer, meaning they are legit and reputable. They have a great relationship with the brands and work closely with them to ensure they offer their latest and greatest to their customers.
I LOVE it that they support LOCAL and upcoming brands and are the exclusive SA stockists of International brands After Eden and Ultimo.

More about Momtrepreneur Camille

Camille is a work from home Mom who left corporate life to spend some more time with her children after missing many bath and bed times when they were young. She have been in the Fashion and Lingerie industry for many many years and loves selecting the winning styles from brands ranges and offering them at great prices. She says:
We love to hear from our customers, we want to know what they want to see more of and less of, we want to help them overcome their challenges with finding a perfect fit online so we have a Fit Quiz to help determine correct bra size. We are a small business on a big journey and it has only just begun!
Camille has kindly offered my readers a 20% voucher off any Full price purchase. Code is MOMDIARIES and it’s valid till the end of December! Guys that’s a massive discount! For the one if have my eye on, which is R999, I will only pay R799 and save R200! Please don’t miss this opportunity and above all don’t hesitate when wondering if buying online is a good idea. Trust their advice and leave it to the experts!



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