So some of you may remember me having a bit of a moan about all the school admin we are expected to remember and how I seemed to be dropping the ball on more than a few occasions at the end of last term. Not big things, but things that feel big for little people no doubt. Like forgetting Brody’s library bag at home on Library day or forgetting to pack his sunhat. I honestly felt like I was drowning in extra curriculum activities, school activities and general admin stuff that all the small everyday things were falling between the cracks.

So I took it upon  myself to get  little more organised. I got a better calendar, made sure we had school bags neatly packed near the front door and got summer uniforms hung up and ready. I needed to start off on a good note and wanted my kids to feel like their mama had shit waxed this term.

So this morning, with hubs in Joburg I woke up extra early and got cracking. I should have known things weren’t going to go according to my plan when I took Hunter out of her cot to discover she had poohed all the way up her back. Nobody ever dreams of starting their day pulling pooh-filled baby growers over their baby’s head. No body ever gets the feeling that their day is going to to be a cracker (excuse the pun) when they have to start it off by giving their baby a bath because of said pooh.

But alas I got over it pretty quickly and felt a boost of positivity kick me in the behind. I got the kid’s breakfasts made, got clothes out for them to dress themselves and even managed to choose a cute dress for Hunter to wear. I made school lunches, patting myself on the back for pre-ordering tuck shop last term and now only having to pack fruit and juice. I baked bags, put sunscreen on all three and even made sure Brody had his sunhat in his bag. I was winning!! I might even go as far as saying I felt a little smug. “Look at me…” I thought, “doing this three kids thing all on my own. Look at me winning at life!”

We walked out the door, Hunter in her pram, backpacks slung over shoulders and with a bounce in our step we walked towards the gate. We didn’t have to walk very far to realise that things on the road and the school parking lot looked awfully quiet. Too quite. It hit me. There was no school today.

So there I was thinking I had finally gotten my slack little butt into gear and yet there I stood with my two boys dressed for school, my previously soiled baby looking sparkly clean, bags packed, with everything they needed but, not another school kid in sight.

Thank goodness my boys don’t realise my deep insecurity on the matter and just about died laughing. And well, when I started to giggle, it turned into laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. I looked at all three of them and thought to myself ” Are they even aware e of what a nutcase their mother is? Are they even remotely aware of how much I mess up day in and day out? Do they even care?” It really didn’t seem so. I wondered how amazing it must feel for them to have thought they had school but to suddenly realise they didn’t. They couldn’t get home sooner enough to change back into casual clothes. In reality I was like their hero in that moment if anything else. I had granted them their greatest wish, another day of holiday!

As much as I thought about how we could have stayed in bed, in our pjs a little while longer and not rushed to get out the door by 7.30, I also loved feeling like we were given another day together. Another day of no school picks ups, homework and extra admin. I managed to still go for my run but instead of hitting my laptop straight away, I went to play with them in the garden. We even had a party for our little friend who is having and all I helped all the kids make it seem more like a party than a bring and share. 🙂 A morning well spent I would say!!

So what lesson did I learn? Well, besides the fact that I clearly need to be reading notices more carefully (Still!) I cannot help but feel like God was laughing at me (or with me rather) and I had to see the humour in it. I’ve become so wound up by all the admin, it was almost the universe’s way of saying “Stop being too hard on yourself!” and “Don’t think for a second you’re always going to have it waxed”

Still, there’s nothing like standing outside your kids school at 7.23am with uniforms on and bags packed, alone with school gates closed, to bring you to that humbling realisation.

Here’s to winning at this mom thing this term hey??

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