Guys let’s talk about school admin for a moment. Let’s talk about all the stuff that is required of us day in and day out that pertains to our kids school careers. Because I’m just going to come out and say it, it’s doing my head in. And my kids are only in Grade 1 and PLAYSCHOOL!

Seriously, it’s becoming a whole other job guys. Ya feel me?

Just these last few weeks we have had a mountain of things and occasions to remember : An outing to the Planetarium, A trip to the Baxter, A school play, A visit to the old age home, Athletics Day, Noah’s Soapbox Derby (which require collecting sponsors for), 2 school fairs and to top it all off, a Recycling project. (Oh and Let’s not forget the infamous recycling competition at Brody’s school which requires they send a bag of paper to school EVERYDAY!) This on top of the usual things like maths, Library day, sport and homework.

I have begun to fear the teachers Brody’s school for this very reason, because we so often drop the ball and miss something important like, I dunno…. the Triathlon, Teacher’s Appreciation Day or Cupcakes For Cancer!   Every time I hear his teacher calling after me at drop off my heart stops and I wonder “What have we forgotten now? What could we possibly have missed?” And more often than not I walk away with my tail between my legs and my head in my palms.

I for one, have had to up my game purely out of fear of getting in trouble with the teachers. I mean why else would I have spent two hours making a cardboard robot while my kid watched the iPad? (Yup, like how many of these projects are even completed by the child?) Brody painted the head and stuck on the eyes while I ignored important work calls to go to town with glitter and feathers on a cardboard figurine. GO ME!!  Ok I’m losing track here…

Every morning I’m left spinning as we stand at the front door ticking off the endless list of paraphernalia they are expected to remember. I find myself barking orders at each of them, husband included, as I kiss my kids goodbye (together with what’s left of my sanity). As they leave the house I let out a sigh of relief only to see another 10 notifications from one of their schools (or both!) telling us what we need to remember for the next day, week, month!  It’s like a never-ending to do list that just keeps growing.

The most hectic part of it is that they are still so little little and in early stages of their school careers. I weep for what our futures hold with more and more commitments required of us as they get older. WEEP!!

I mean, I know these things are what make their school years fun, engaging and meaningful but good golly I feel like Im losing my mind trying to balance it all. Can we please take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work behind the scenes of moms working tuck shops, lifting to outings, sewing play costumes, painting fair murals and constructing recycled robots, trains, hats and tutus. Let’s take a moment to say “Thank GOODNESS this term is over where we can breathe for a week and forget about all the responsibilities of raising school-going children.”

Yup before it all starts, All. Over. Again.

Happy holidays you mamas!! xxx


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