Guys my baby is ONE! Yup not so much a tiny baby anymore is she? Having a four year gap between her and the boys, has meant I’ve really been able to appreciate and relish each stage of her development. All the firsts, the learning to do things on her own and the mastering of new skills. These milestones have to be one of the most wonderful aspects of motherhood right? ♥

The one thing that I’ve loved surprisingly more this time round has been her weaning journey. I LOVED trying her with pumpkin and sweet potato for the first time (at about 5 months) and seeing her face make sense of the texture and flavour as she played with it in her mouth. I’m sure I enjoyed it with my boys, but somehow this time I was more relaxed and more excited to try new things. I think I was also more confident to go with my gut and just have fun!

But If I really have to think of it, it really boils down to one other very important factor: We’ve had a Baby Bullet to blend all her food in and it really has made my life that much easier, for both blending and storing food! What I love so much are the oh-so-cute storage jars that have a date dial on the rim for you to keep track of the date the food is put in the freezer or fridge so you can know if food has expired or which one to use first. The fist batch I made for her was at 5 months in December just before heading to Scarborough for the holidays. Having these storage jars was just so convenient because I simply packed what I needed for the week either frozen or fresh straight in the cooler. Knowing I had a week’s supply of home-made food made me feel like I was winning at mom life, because we all know it’s the small things like this that make us feel we are doing  a good job.

It also comes with silicone trays to freeze batches of food. These are great to freeze the food and decant the frozen cubes into zip lock bags for extra storage. It sounds like a lot of work but I would put an hour aside on a weekend and do a batch of veg and a batch of fruit for the week and it really worked out well. I loved making different concoctions of food for Hunter and seeing her enjoy a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. I’m sure it’s for this very reason that she ate so well from the start as it set her up to be a good eater who now generally eats anything we give her and is a far less fussy eater than Noah was.

Getting her going on to protein like chicken and lamb was just a matter of browning meat before cooking it in a big pot with veg…… and then finally blending in our Baby Bullet before freezing.

What is the Baby Bullet Exactly?

Much like the NutriBullet, it’s a food blended/processor that enables you to whip up incredibly yummy and nutritious meals for your baby. There is a rather big difference however in that the Babybullet blends food to the perfect consistency suitable for babies, allowing you to start off very smooth and work you way up to more textured food. And even though I don’t use it everyday to blend food now that she is one (And eating most of what we eat) we still use it for sauces, soups and more toddler friendly food. Truth is we even use it to make smoothies and frozen lollies for the boys!

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The Baby Bullet has been developed to cater for the manic lifestyle associated with new parenting and for those who want only the best for their little ones. This high-quality lifestyle appliance allows the effortless creation of delicious, healthy and nutritious baby food in seconds while simplifying the storing thereof – making it the must-have accessory for new moms and dads.

With the Baby Bullet it’s easy to make either individual meals, or to create up to six portions at a time; each of which can be stored in sealable, date-dialed individual cups that can then be refrigerated (or frozen). With a minimum of effort, and a fair amount of fun, parents can ensure that their babies get the best possible diet, starting right after weaning.

The 22-piece NutriBullet Baby Bullet set is the perfect gift for all new parents or those expecting. Ideal for little ones ranging from six months to three years old as they adjust to finger foods.

The Baby Bullet sells for about R1599 (I think they are cheaper at some places now and it comes with a 1 year warranty.)

So what does the whole set include?

  • * Compact, high torque power base
  • * Blender blade to purée foods to the perfect consistency
  • * Milling blade to make rice flour or rice cereal from grains
  • * Batch bowl for mixing larger quantities of baby food
  • * 2 short cups to make smaller quantities of baby food
  • * 2 stay fresh lids to fit on to the short cups for easy storage and travel
  • * Set of 6 date dial cups to store your food in so you know exactly how fresh it is
  • * Tip proof tray to hold 6 date dial cups upright
  • * 2 silicone trays with lids to store and freeze individual portions
  • * Baby spatula
  • * Easy to follow user manual and cook book
  • * Pocket Nutritionist food information guide
  • Specs
  • * Power: 200W
  • * Batch bowl capacity: 946ml
  • * Short cup capacity: 354ml
  • * Storage cup capacity: 60ml

That’s a heck of a lot of stuff right?

How would you like to win a Baby Bullet for yourself as you start your baby on the weaning journey? Or to mix amazing smoothies and ice-lolllies for your toddlers? Well the good news is I have one to giveaway today today to one of you! In order to qualify for the prize you are going to have to follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure you follow both The Mom Diaries and Baby Bullet South Africa Facebook pages.
  2. Like and share the past on Facebook with your friends telling them what an awesome prize this is!
  3. Tag a MINIMUM of two mom friends on the Facebook thread and tell us what you love most about this product.  (Eg : “I love that it’s so convenient and easy to use” or “I love that it comes with such great storage jars to keep food fresh!”)


***You can gain and EXTRA entry by hoping on over to Instagram and following the steps there too. Please note this step is not compulsory.***

Go check out their Facebook and Instagram pages if you feel like you would like to find out more or for day inspiration. For more information and stockists you can visit their website.

Terms and Conditions 

  • All three steps need to be followed in order to qualify for the prize.
  • Winner is selected via and my decision is final.
  • Prize cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • Competition will run until Friday 3rd August and announced soon after. .
  • This prize is open to Cape Town residents unless courier fee is paid at your expense.


GOOD LUCK MAMAS!!!! xxxxoooo


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