I’m 36. I’m 36. I’m 36. I’m thirty…..SIX. Thiiiiirteeeee siiiiixxxx!

Maybe if I say it over and over again to myself, it will sink in. Maybe if I repeat it over and over I will eventually accept that I’m a whole year older.

But guys the truth is I don’t feel a day over 25. Ok, I lie. It’s inevitable that my body is slowing down and that I’m not the spring-chicken I once was. Raising three busy little rugrats who consume a lot (read: ALL) of my energy, has resulted in me feeling my age more in the last few years. I mean, the old saying “they give me grey hairs” has to stem from some truth right? And if being a mom isn’t everything to go by then waking up after a night of drinking might be. Nursing a hangover after only a few glasses of wine may just be the tell-tale sign of the years catching up with me. I certainly felt all 36 years as I woke to screaming kinds asking for breakfast the next morning.

But one thing was certain as I celebrated my birthday this past weekend: despite paying for all my sins the next day and despite my tired body and heavy head, my heart was filled with so much joy and gratitude. Grattitude for my life. To have the privilege of seeing another year through and and being able to enjoy this life I have been given is just such a beautiful thing. I think as I’m getting older I’m realising more and more about what truly matters and there is more of an urgency in me to make my life count for something, to grab opportunities and to revel in the sweet moments.

If I’ve learnt anything in this life so far it’s that we are so easily caught up in stuff. Stuff that we think is so important and that will make us happy. We spend so much of our time trying to attain a certain lifestyle, to dress a certain way, to look a certain way, to put in the hours at work to be recognised, to live this life of perfection. And while it’s not wrong to have aspirations and take pride in ourselves, I do  think we waste far too much energy concentrating on these things, making them the bee-all-and-end-all in our existence.

We forget that life in itself is such a gift. We forget to marvel at the small things, the quiet moments, the slow seasons, the unassuming occasions.  We forget that life can often be like the sweet background music at a big fancy party. It doesn’t always need to be the main act, or loud or in your face. The truly spectacular moments are usually the quiet ones spent with those who matter most, those who make your life better in every possible way. I’m learning more and more every day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. A sloppy kiss from my one-year old, a spontaneous hug or “I love you” from my 5 year-old or the hysterical laughter over a funny joke from my 7 year-old. These moments, so unplanned, so unorchastrated are the ones I live for, the ones that catch my breathe and leave me longing for more.

I simply count my lucky stars that this life has been so kind to me and that God has blessed me with three beautiful healthy children, an adoring husband, incredible parents who help raise our kids and friends who are like family.

Here’s to another year of living the best life!

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