Most of you will know by now how I feel about birthday parties. I’ve gone from over-the-top, time-consuming parties that take months of planning to one’s that are simple and most importantly take the pressure off. I still want my kids to have the best time, don’t get me wrong, I’ve just learnt the hard way that for me, easy is best and being caught up in trying to create Pinterest parties at home just wasn’t doing me or my kids any favours. (Read more about my thoughts on the subject here)

So I have learnt to outsource and find places that do all the hard work for me so that I can enjoy my kids on the day and sit back and watch them have the time of their lives. Of course, finding a place that fits one’s budget is important but generally speaking, I have spent a lot more money on party decorations and party favours for home parties over the years than I have at venues that are for hire. Go figure!

Noah recently visited The Cape Town Science Centre with his school and came back raving about it. So after a visit with the kids in the holidays, Brody fell in love with the idea of having a few friends there to celebrate his 5th birthday. We were lucky enough to be given the Partycycle room at such short notice (It’s usually booked up weeks in advance) and this party room is just the best because it’s decorated beautifully already and has everything you need! All we needed to bring were some sweets and chips for the table and our cake. (They even have a kettle for you to create a tea an coffee station for parents.)

And the kids simply come in and out at their own pleasure….coming in to rehydrate and grab a sweet (or 5!) and running out again to enjoy the amazing exhibits and science-inspired displays and games.


What is The Cape Town Science Centre?

For those of you who don’t know what The Cape Town Science centre is all about, with more than 250 interactive exhibits and mind-boggling puzzles, the Cape Town Science Centre is a world of discovery under one roof. A science centre is exactly as the word describes: a hub of science which aims to enrich the school curriculum and equip learners by providing valuable hands-on learning experiences using world class exhibits that are designed to increase learners’ skill and understanding of science, technology and maths – demystifying the world of science & technology.

Science centres stimulate curiosity, develop inquiring minds and expose children and adults to positive new experiences. They help people to cope with the rapidly changing technological environment, and empower them by improving their life skills. They also complement the school curriculum and train science multipliers such as teachers, teacher-trainers and parents.


I love the fact that the kids were so excited to learn and discover and really took interest in the exhibits. Once again it was so amazing to be able to be present and not be too caught up in having to run a party myself. Instead I could enjoy seeing my kid living his best life! Although truth is he was having so much fun  running around the venue with his friends that I barely saw him!! So i could take pictures and chat to moms instead!

For those inserted in booking the Partycylcle room and having The Cape Town Science Centre host your kids birthday party coming up then here’s what you need to know:

What they offer

An enclosed area for your exclusive use that includes tables and chairs. You’ll have access to the party room for two hours but you and your guests can spend as long as you wish in the Cape Town Science Centre as your tickets are valid for the whole day.

Please note that due to the size of the venue we can accommodate a maximum of 40 people (children and adults) per party.


Venue Hire:R380 for the two-hour session (non-refundable deposit)
Entrance fee:R57 per person (adults and children)

* One free entry for an adult accompanying a group of 10 or more children on Monday to Friday during school terms. Standard entry fees apply for groups smaller than ten.

Optional extras

Science Show @ R390
A 30 minute show of scienteriffic pops, bangs, smoke and flames!

Robotics Workshop @ R100 per child
A 90 minute hands-on Lego WeDo or Lego Mindstorms workshop, presented by ORT SA CAPE.

Had I known about these extras I probably would have booked a science show. I think it would have been well worth it and given them a little more special treatment! However, it really isn’t a necessity at all and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly without any extras!

To get in touch with them you can visit their website or email them directly at or to visit them directly make your way to 370B Main Road, Observatory!

Thanks to the AMAZING Cape Town Science Centre for hosting such a fabulous party for us, we will certainly be back!! Another party done and dusted, no mess no fuss! ♥



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