Dear Brody Bear…..



My boy I cannot put into words how proud I am of you! How much joy you bring to my life. But as usual I’m going to try.

Seeing you grow into such an incredible little human being brings tears to my eyes. Tears of pride and joy. There are days where I still cannot believe that you are mine. I mean how did I get so lucky?

I look at you, with your whole life ahead of you and I pray with all my heart that you continue to be the kind, sweet, unique person that you are. Unapologetically you. You are one of a kind my boy, there is nobody else in the world quite like you. Nobody in the world who makes people feel the way you make them feel.

I can already see you have so much to offer the world, just by witnessing the very early stages of your life I can see you are going to do great things. They may not make the headlines (although I have strong suspicion they might) but they you are gong to change lives and have an impact on the world.

I love watching you with your friends, you have a lot of them, especially of the girl kind. It makes me think : you are either going to be good with the ladies when you get older or you are just so good at connecting with girls because of your sensitive and sweet nature. I think they certainly love you because of this.


I know that whoever ends up winning your heart ( I almost wrote stealing because I feel it will be taken from me!) will be the luckiest girl in the world. I know that all the qualities you have will only be magnified as you mature and become a young man.

But for now, please stay my little boy, don’t grow up too quickly. Don’t wish these years away. I know you are so excited to be five!! You have spoken about every day for three months, but don’t wish your childhood away. There is so much to enjoy and look forward to. So many firsts. So many lasts too.

Lastly I’m so sad we lost Benjy and that he’s not here to celebrate with us today. I know he is thinking of you today and missing you so much. He certainly would have enjoyed a big piece of birthday cake with you!

Enjoy today my big boy, I hope it’s filled with all your favourite things: presents, cake, nutella pancakes, Rush, Spur and plenty of your mamas kisses. 🙂

Happy Birthday

Love Mom

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