It’s hard to believe that as I sit here listening to the rain beat down on the windows, I will be sitting in the glories sunshine in a matter of days. It’s so cold and wet here in Cape Town today that the thought of sitting on a beach lounger drinking cocktails is somewhat surreal. Surreal in the best way of course. We leave for Mauritius this weekend baby!

I told you guys all about our trip last week ( i apologise again for causing you all to hate me!) and all the things I’m looking forward to most, the main thing being with my family and just soaking up some vitamin D. It’s been 11 years almost to the day that we we visited this beautiful island and we know it’s not going to be anything like the first time with three kids in tow. But, we could not be more excited to board that plane with our monkeys and see their faces as the plane takes off.

I started packing for the kids this morning, getting all their summer stuff together so it’s not a last minute scramble and then I thought I would make a mental list of the things I will be taking along. And well then I thought I would put my list down on paper right here on the blog. A little reminder-list if you will.

SO here’s what’s in mamas island Holiday luggage bag: 

The Swimsuit 

Of course I had to make sure I had a decent swimsuit and with the help of Choose Me, they made my job a pretty easy one. I ordered the most gorgeous full fitted swimsuit from their online store and it was delivered to me in 2 days! The best part? It fits like a dream and feels like it was made for me. Guys, I’ve tried to remain hopeful about getting back into a two piece but it’s just not gonna happen. Besides the fact that I’ve never had a flat tummy to start with, three kids have wrecked havoc with my mum tum and i’m just not confident enough to bare all. But let me tell you, this swimsuit is as sexy as they come, with a beautiful shoulder cut and sexy mesh insert between the boobs. It has amazing boob support too which perks those mama boobs up just enough! Guys this is the best swimsuit I have ever owned!


The Skincare

Iv’e really had to start looking after my skin more in recent years as my pigmentation has gotten quite bad. And we all know that sun loves to mess with pigmentation in big way, so I am going to be well taken care of with my skin care range from Vichy. I was introduced to this amazing range of skincare products last year and we still have plenty to last us through another summer holiday. The Idèal Soleal spray for infant and children is amazing and It’s high factor of 50SPF ensures my kids skin stay protected for those long days by the pool and on the beach.

But for me, prefer using their mature range which includes a really lovely and-belemish Haute Protection face cream that I use every morning under my foundation. It has a 30 SPF protection factor which is good enough for me in tropical weather where it can be quite overcast at this time of year. Alternatively I love using the La Roche Possay tinted BB cream which works as both a 50 SPF sun protector and light foundation. Its actually ideal for a beach holiday where you want to be a bit more natural but still want to look bright and fresh!



The Beach Apparel 

I had one of my lovely friends Ange drop off a few amazing little pieces to wear over my cozzie yesterday. (Don’t you just love friends like that?) and I’m feeling a lot more prepared now that I have some pretty touches to my beachy wardrobe. It makes such difference having a couple of  kaftans, sarongs and light tops to throw over your beachwear right? They are in these styles and are just perfect for those inches by the pool and walks on the beach.

⇑ Perfect for over a swimsuit or even dressed up over tights/shorts and tank top!

The Evening Wear 

I know I know, I’m not taking any smart clothing but I do have one or tow (Or three) sexy little dresses for those sneaky date nights when we get the kids babysat and i would love to make the most of the gorgeous setting and enjoy a romantic night with my boo. (Did I just call him boo? Yup I think I did!)

One of may fave new dresses is a cute 60’s style pinafore dress with a gold zip at the back. It can be dressed up or down and is comfortable but sexy! I also plan to pack a little black jacket with silver shoulder detail that can be worn with all three dresses incase it’s a bit chilly.

The Accessories 

My trusty Ray Bans – I love the simple style of the Wayfarer and how the style suits just about anyone. And black because, well, I love black!

A beach bag – I love that we are staying at resort where towels and beach things are supplied but I’ll need a bag for our suncreams, nappies and other paraphernalia. I have lovely woven beach bag that will roll up perfectly on my luggage and not take up too much space.

A sun hat – Yup if not to protect me from the sun, then to get that perfect beach picture of me lying on the sand with the ocean behind me. (sorry guys!!)

So there you have it. Of course I will be taking my amazing Wolf and Maiden travel bag along with me on the flight and it’s just about the most perfect hand luggage bag. Great for the airports and on the flight! It has so much room for all the STUFF – blankets, baby food, bottles, dummies, nappies, wet wipes … you name it!



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