Have you ever wanted something so badly for so long, and when you eventually got it, it was even better than you ever could have imagined? I’m not talking about that ice-cream craving you’ve had all week that was finally satisfied with a trip to Crumbs and Cream or the satisfying feeling of fitting in to your pre-preganacy jeans for the first time after months atet he gym. I’m referring more to the big life-changing events and moments that happen in life – like finishing a degree, going overseas for the first time, landing your dream job, getting promoted or buying your first home. Moments that you have worked so hard towards and spent years planning for and dreaming about, that finally become a reality.

Have you ever been left feeling that the reality exceeded every hope-filled dream and left you blown away?

I’m sure most of you moms will agree that becoming a mom and meeting your babies face to face was one such moment. One which exceeded all your expectations on almost every level. I mean we all dream of the day we will meet our babies (long before we even fall pregnant for some!) and then BAM, that love hits you right in the feels and you swear you will never be the same again. It may not be instantaneous (Bonding for moms going though post-partum depression may be much harder) and for most the demands of motherhood are harder in reality for sure, but that LOVE?? That is something you can’t prepare for right? And the reality of getting to know them and discovering who they are is SO much better and more magical that the dream ever was. Am I even making sense?

I guess that’s just where I am right now. I’m in that sweet spot, where seeing Hunter grow and develop before my very eyes has me wondering “Did I ever dream she would be this incredible and teach me this much and give me this much joy?” As a third time mom you would think I would know first-hand (and be pre-warned) about this type of love and the abnormal degree of pride, but I have had to experience these overwhelming and unexpected feeling all over again. I guess every new child will do that to you. Seeing Hunter, in all her uniqueness and sweet innocence and her personality coming through more and more everyday is just a sight to behold! And if you missed this video on Instagram you will see what I’m talking about….


As hard as this past month has been with sickness and teething and a traveling husband, I am in awe of God’s favour over me and the three beautiful children he has blessed me with. I am so grateful for this little girl who is developing so beautifully and filling our lives with so much love and joy. What a gift! It just goes to show that Gods’ version and his plans for our lives far exceed any of our own. We can be so short-sighted in the way we dream but somehow he manages to blow us away every time.

Have you been blown away by something your child/children have done lately?

Happy Monday mamas!! xxxx


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