To my darling son Noah on your seventh birthday!


Noah I can’t believe you are SEVEN! I know that every mother since the beginning of time has asked the same question, but where oh where has the time gone? It felt like just the other day that I was in hospital about to meet you face to face for the first time. And just like that, in the blink of an eye you are seven! In Grade 1!

Your dad and I have watched you mature so much over the last year. You have become so confident and care-free about stuff that used to scare the poop out of you. You seem to handle change and new things with such ease now days and even when things do feel a bit scary I can see you putting on a brave face and trying your best anyway. You have become such a risk-taker Noah! Things I never dreamed you would have done a year ago, you are eager to try. It’s like you have woken up to the world of possibly that awaits if your just put yourself out there and have a little faith in yourself. And it’s such an incredible thing to be apart of, seeing you experience all this and take life by the horns every single day.

You have become a big brother again this year and watching your relationship blossom with your little sister is a sight to behold. I always knew you were going to be an amazing big brother for the second time, but nothing could prepare me for the love and affection you show to Hunter daily. And although there is such a sweet spot in your heart for you baby sister, it’s your brother who holds the title of “best friend”. Thank you for being such a good big brother to Brody too. He looks up to you more than you realise. You are their hero!

So today is a special day for all of us, because we get to celebrate your life and all that the world gained seven years ago when you arrived on this planet. It’s your special day, but it’s one of my most special days too because it was on this day seven years ago that I became a mom! A title that has given me more meaning and my life more purpose than I ever could have imagined.

Today we celebrate your life and all that you are – kind, loyal, gentle, hard-working, fun, playful, funny, silly, quirky, smart, pizza-obsessed, friendship-investor, water-crazy, newbie golfer, deep thinker and one of the most beautiful souls to ever exist in the history of time. You make me so proud to be your mama. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! XXXX

Pics courtesy of Angela Rea Photography 

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