I miss being pregnant. Now those are four words I never thought I would say.

I think it’s more the knowing that I won’t get to experience it all again, that sheer excitement and wonder of carrying a baby inside you. That feeling of anticipation as you approach your due date and the wonderful mix of nervousness and pure elation.

Hunter is our last baby and in some ways I’m relieved to be on the other side of it all, but in other ways I’m sad that I won’t get to go through the exhilarating and life-changing moments as you welcome new life into the world.  Birth has always been something that has intrigued me, and not just my own births. I love to watch birth videos of women birthing their babies naturally and seeing them use the tools they have learned to manage their pain and breathing techniques they have carefully mastered in preparation for this life changing event.

One blog I love to follow is the American blog called Birth Without Fear. It all about empowering women, helping them make informed choices and supporting them through their birthing process. It inspires to teach expectant moms to not live in fear of their birth but to embrace it and use their inner strength to do what many believe to be impossible.

And that’s exactly what Pregnancy Education month is all about. A campaign which highlights how childbirth education serves to empower parents for a better birth experience!

We believe that when parents are informed, any type of birth, from homebirth to caesarean, can be an empowering one. It shifts from a potentially overwhelming experience to one that is fulfilling, positive and, ultimately, beneficial to mother and child,’ says Anna Guerin of Bio-Oil. ‘There is simply no substitute for evidence-based information provided by qualified and experienced professionals. With quality childbirth education, parents are empowered and properly prepared in a warm and supportive way,’ says Bluff.

I wrote this post, explaining how my two birth experiences before Hunter were so vastly different and having given birth for the third time since, it only confirms my belief that everyone’s experience is different and that at the end of the day, we need to trust our bodies to do what they were designed to do. Of course, if there are medical complications, there is also wisdom in putting your trust in your doctor should they feel a c-section is needed. It also doesn’t mean your body is a failure if you’re unable to give birth naturally and that you are any less of a woman should this be the case. It’s about doing what you feel is right for you and not making any choices based on fear.

Hunter arrived in two hours(!!) and I can honestly say that they were two of the hardest hours of my life, but two of the most empowering too. I was induced, which is why she arrived as quickly as she did and although it was overwhelming, the fact that I was prepared certainly did help.

Pregnancy Education month is simply to remind women that we are capable of almost anything we put our minds to, to not allow the fear of the unknown to influence the way we birth our babies and most importantly to prepare yourself for that big day through antenatal or hypo-birthing classes.

Good childbirth classes, says Bluff, will equip parents with the pros and cons of all the available childbirth options as well as practical tips and techniques for the birth and afterwards. Childbirth educators are usually nurses and midwives and parents who can share both professional expertise and personal experience. Classes are offered at many hospitals, clinics and private practices.

Six good reasons to attend childbirth education classes:

1.       Expertise – educators are experienced nurses and midwives who have chosen to specialise in childbirth education because they passionately believe in it.

2.       Knowledge – you learn about all the childbirth options available to you, and the pros and cons of each.

3.       Tools – you’ll be given practical tips and techniques – such as breathing, relaxation, positions, massage and visualisation – that can help you have an easier birth.

4.       Confidence – you and your partner will feel less fear and more confident, knowing what to expect and how to manage it.

5.       Be prepared – you’ll be taught about all aspects of pregnancy and birth, from stretch marks to breastfeeding and caring for your newborn.

6.       Connections – you’ll meet other local expectant parents and lifelong friendships can be formed.



In celebration of Pregnancy Education Month we’re giving away a R2, 000 hamper from Bio-Oil, the skincare brand most recommended by doctors, pharmacists and midwives to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

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What were some of the exercises that helped with birthing your babies? Did your antenatal class help prepare you and what advise could you give to expectant moms who are about to give birth?

For details of Pregnancy Education Month talks and activities around the country visit www.PregnancyEducation.co.za




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