My kids LOVE messy play. So much so that every time we even walk into the toy shop they always make a bee-line for the arts and crafts section. Especially Brody, He will literally beg me to paint with him everyday.

Now the problem is that while they love to paint (and most days I do give in), I LOVE a clean house and don’t love cleaning up after an hour of messy play. I know, I’m the moany mom who always thinks about all the time I have to spend cleaning up glitter, glue, paper cuttings and paint spills.

So when the lovely Jade invited us to Clay Cafe for an afternoon of fun and treats, I was all like “Yes please and thank you very much!!” An afternoon where my kids could enjoy one of their favourite activities while I watch. And eat delicious brownies and ice tea. You bet your bottom dollar I took her up on her kind offer.

I had been once with my kids for my nieces birthday party two years ago (It’s GREAT for parties!!) , but we hadn’t yet made it to their new venue and so we were super amped to go and check it out. And I cannot even begin to tell you how much their new venue impressed us. Clay Cafe is spacious, modern (while still keeping with the beautiful natural aesthetic that they pride themselves on) fresh and beautiful enough for a wedding!

I love that the open spaces throughout encourage children to feel free to play and discover new things. There’s so much outdoor play for them to experience too! And this in turn encourages optimum creativity as you begin the process of choosing and item to paint and sitting down to add colour to your piece.


  1. You can can choose from a large selection of beautiful ceramic pieces. They range from small jugs and bowls to medium characters for kids to large platters and water jugs etc… There are such beautiful things to choose from!
  2. You choose your point colours and sticker options and different brushes/sponges
  3. Place our things on a sinning wheel or straight onto a tray and head to your table.
  4. You lovely host/waitress will explain how to apply different effects and exactly wha you need to do.
  5. Once you have finished you take your masterpiece to the entrance and place it on the shelf to dry.
  6. They take care of all the baking,firing and glazing of the product, all you need to do is pitch up in three weeks to collect your creation! YAY!


The boys both chose Superheroes of course, and mom and dad couldn’t resist either. Brendon went rock ‘n roll and chose a skull and I couldn’t have chosen anything more “momsy” if I tried. I chose a bowl!

We had my sister in-law and the cousins join us, making our experience even more wonderful and I was once again reminded why places like this are so fabulous. It really is great fun for the whole family, no matter how old you are. I saw a group of young people in their early twenties, a table of women (who looked like moms but without their kids!) and lots of kids of all ages (ranging form 3 years to late teens!). I even heard rumours of men booking tables to go paint and drink beers with their mates. I mean, does it get any cooler than that?

And the food is delicious, offering sweet treats as well as amazing lunch options.

What really stood out to me to was the fact that everyone working at Clay Cafe were so incredibly helpful and that many of the people employed here are those who have no formal education but who have been trained to host and serve the customers coming through their doors with such pride and dignity. I love that this is important to their ethos and vision for expanding and that they are having such a positive impact on these people’s lives.

Another thing that’s good to know is that they have a separate studio/space for those looking for a more quiet and peaceful experience. This area also offers the Muslim customers some halal options and because it provides a little more peace and tranquility than the main area, it’s perfect to hire out for private functions too.

So in a nutshell, this place certainly ticks all the boxes and impresses me on every level. My next mission is to get a group of my friends to join me for an afternoon of painting and drinking wine without the kids. I’m gonna have to be very careful how I go about this though because if my kids catch wind of any of it, they will be moaning ’til the cows cows home about unfair it is that they are not invited.

Jade has kindly offered one of my Cape Town readers the chance to WIN the same experience. This involves the following : 2 medium paint options, two treats and two drinks. 

If you would like to try this out with your kids or a best friend (no judgement from me if you choose not to take your rugrats!) then follow the easy steps below.

  1. Show Clay Cafe some love on Facebook (because that seems like the nice thing to do!)
  2. Tag a mom or two on the Facebook post and share the post.

T’s and C’s

  • You need to follow all the steps to qualify for the prize
  • The prize cannot be redeemed or sold for cash.
  • Winner is chosen via and my decision is final
  • This competition will run until Friday 2nd Feb 2018.

Cay Cafe is situated In Hout Bay (Please note it has moved and is now father down on your right as you head further down the Nek into Hout Bay.)

Phone: 076 810 5120

Clay Cafe, Erf 4080, 177 Main Road. Opposite Bokkemanskloof Estate,
Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Visit their website to book online and for any further questions. They are so so helpful!



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