I should have known it was all a little too good to be true. I even had that smug feeling that we had made it through the entire 7 week holiday bug-free and fairly unscathed (besides the one or two times my kids were so far up in my grill I had to call the grandparents in for help in fear I may have admitted myself into a mental asylum.) These holidays have been amazing thanks to the fact that the hubs took long leave and we just generally got on with things easily and with zero fuss.

Well, that, considering we have three kids means it’s a miracle on its own right?  Things just seemed to work for us though – Managing all the kids in and out of cars, the change of sleep routines and environments, and the general logistics of getting a family of five out of the house for our daily trips to the beach, park, mall, restaurants or friend’s houses. It was almost too good to be true.

And all our kids have been 100% healthy except for the bug little Honey bear had when we were in Robertson. But she was right as rain within 6 hours.

So as it is with life and all the unforeseen challenges that come with it, we were getting along with life enjoying our last weekend together when darling hubs began complaining of nausea. Of course I rolled my eyes like any wife would and even when the waves began hitting me I was in denial. Until I had my head in the toilet six hours later. Yup there was no denying the pesky parasite then.

Yup, Just 3 days short of our holiday ending Brendon and I were hit with one of the most revolting bugs in history. THREE days! We were so close!  It hit with a vengeance on Saturday night and left us man down the whole of yesterday. This morning was the first time in 48 hours that I consumed more than flat coke. I know it doesn’t sound too bad, I mean I’ve even had bugs that have lasted way longer than that, but this was so vicious I thought I was dying. Literally dying. I couldn’t hold anything down for longer than 2 minutes. In fact, the second it hit my stomach, my system rejected it.

It was on my 349th encounter with the toilet bowl that I begged the question – What do moms do in situations where they are this sick? How do they look after their children and assist with the most mundane tasks of making them a sandwich, finding them clothes to wear or giving them a bath? Never mind driving them places or cooking them proper dinner! Goodness, I couldn’t even get in the car to go to the pharmacy. (Thank for goodness for amazing doctor neighbours who have meds that are safe for breastfeeding mamas is all I’m going to say!)

I was a complete invalid.There was nothing I could do without a bowl in one hand or without crouching over in pain.  No jokes – At one point I had Hunter on the boob and was screaming for Brendon to get me a bowl. But what if I didn’t have a husband to help or better yet, what if my angel of a mother didn’t come and take my two bigger kids off my hands for the day? I could barely (and i say barely with as much pride as I can muster) look after my own 6 month old. I think I may have almost dropped her twice, knocked her head on a door post, forgotten to feed her lunch and left her crying in her cot for 20 minutes after every nap. Ok, I think I’ve made it clear how sick I felt. And what a terrible mother I am when I am sick. But this is exactly my point!! How do moms do it without help??

But through all those questions I began to realise once again how blessed I am to have the support of grandparents and neighbours. And a caring husband who despite feeling awful himself did his best to do whatever it took to get me help and give me rest. The fact that his hit before mine was a blessing in disgiuse because it meant I could carry him through the start of his and he could carry me through the end of mine.

And of course through all of it, you come out the other side (when you in it you think you are never going to see the light of day) and feel so much appreciation for these amazing people in your life. It also makes me appreciate that when I’m well my body and mind is capable of so much. It’s only when we are sick, in moments when our bodies are so weak are we able to fully appreciate what they can do when they are well and healthy. The every-day things we take for granted.

Things like rocking my baby to sleep or making solids food for the third time in a week, or being able to unpack the dishwasher while i cook a healthy dinner for my family, or read a book to my kid before bed. These normal mundane, everyday tasks become so much more than that when we see how blessed we are to have the health to be able to do it. I’m not saying we can’t have bad days and that we need to suck the marrow out of all the tedious and monotonous tasks that fill our days, I’m just saying we need to re-look at how we sometime take being able to do these small things for granted. The small everyday things that make up our days are really often the most rewarding and fulfilling.

So, here’s to good health that sees us through this wonderful thing called life. Here’s to realising how blessed we are to have health bodies, limbs and hearts that work the way they should and blood pumping through our veins, and here’s to celebrating life in all it’s ordinary beauty.

Ps. Share your worst experience being sick and what you did to get through it! 🙂 This could be fun! xxx

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