Making it out of The Hundred days of Darkness alive (and hopefully thriving!) is a feat worth a thousand victories. Any mom who is in the the thick of it with a new born will tell you it can be the most gruelling three months of your child’s life. I wrote this post which resonated with many moms who agreed that while the first three months of your new baby’s life is precious beyond description, it can be a dark time of round the clock feeding, burping, swaddling, nappy changes and broken sleep. In a nut shell it’s not all sunshine and cupcakes trying to keep a new born alive.

But then at three months something magical begins to happen and almost overnight your baby turns a corner and you start to see the light. It’s as though your baby finally begins to find her place earth side and no longer feels the strong pull back to the comforts of her mama’s womb. They sure as heck don’t call it the fourth trimester for nothing! There are many reasons why moms love the Three month milestone. Here are my top 5!

  1. They become less fussy and generally more content! This for me is number one because they lose the need to constantly be held and rocked. They are happy to sit alone or lie on a mat gurgling and talking.  I think that as their tummies have adjusted they no longer experience cramps and winds that cause them to be fussy for such long stretches. What ever the case, they are happy in between sleeps and not nearly as niggly when they are awake.

2. They stretch longer between feeds at night which means (God-willing) they sleep for longer stretches too! They all don’t really need to be burped as often they begin to bring winds more easily on their own! And I’m not sure if its just Hunter but we barely stopped having change her nappies at night because her poops have become more regular too and she does her first pooh when she wakes up!!

3. They start to laugh and properly respond to people and things! I love seeing Hunter’s eyes respond to sounds and patterns. And I especially love seeing her bond more closely with her dad!! It’s the best kind of reward for all the hard work you have put in for 13 long weeks!

4. They are in a semi-routine which makes reading them easier and knowing you can plan your day around their schedule. I’m not a Gina Ford’s type mom by any means! I have let Hunter feed on demand and decide her own sleep times apart from her bath time routine which I started form birth at more or less the same time every night. But at 3 months she is falling quite naturally into her own beautiful routine, often going to sleep at the exact same time as her brother’s and only waking up at about 3am for a feed. (I know you shouldn’t ever say this out loud,but she has stretched ’til 5 am a couple of times too!!)  This, I don’t have to tell any sleep deprived mother, is life-changing. As a couple, we are all able to get back into our own evening routines of having dinner and a glass of wine together and even watching a movie. And we all know how important that is for your sanity and your marriage.

5. You start to see the little people they are starting to become. Their personalities start to shine though in a big way and you just get to witness first hand what a miracle life is. Each new life. so perfect and unique, with so many opportunities ahead and memories to be made. Their eyes hold such promise of the beauty and fun that lies ahead and it has to be the best feeling knowing you are the one chosen to be their mom!

Yup. right now my little one has woken from her first sleep of the morning and is happily gurgling away on a mat at my feet as I type this. She is smiling and talking her cute baby talk and I can’t help but think back to 6 weeks ago when she wouldn’t let me put her down for longer than 10 seconds.

Mamas enjoy your newborns but don’t feel bad when it gets tough and you long for things to ease up on the demand front. And take courage (And drink wine) knowing that soon your baby will start to turn the corner. And you will soon be reaping the beautiful rewards of all your hard work and round the clock dedication.

Love and strength to you always xxxx

Leigh xxx

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