For centuries moms have begged this one question. Dating as far back as the 1800’s when our ancestors were transporting their babies via horse and carriage. Ok maybe not. But for as long as there have been cars and especially as long as there have been safely regulations while traveling with a baby, the one question on the lips of every mother has been this “ What is the easiest and safest way I can get my baby from A-B without cursing and swearing I will never leave the house again?” (Maybe not word for word, but something along those lines, am I right? )

Travel-systems have come a long way and I’m happy to say that there are some on our market that really help you get by with your sanity still tact and that offer you comfort and style.

But still, the question has always remained at the back of my head, the one burning question that I just couldn’t make go away : “Surely there must be an easier way to do this? Surely “they” would have come up with a solution that doesn’t involve so much effort and take up so much space??”  I mean the fact that a baby the size of a small watermelon requires so much room, with all their paraphernalia taking up all your boot space is beyond me.

And it turns out the Travel-system Gods were listening to me ask these questions under my exasperated breath, because the geniuses over at Simple Parenting have spent the last 7 years developing a product that is literally changing parent’s lives. It changed mine in a mere 24 hours where after using it several times, the question that was now hot on my lips was  “Where has this been my whole life?” To put it simply (because simplicity is what this product is all about!) my mind has been blown.

The product responsible for my mind being blown into a thousand tiny pieces? The Doona!! Guys to say this is the best product I have ever had the privilege of reviewing is an understatement. Basically, it’s the answer to all your traveling woes – it’s a carseat and pram in ONE! Its not your conventional travel system in that there’s no separate pram to fit your carseat, the pram (wheels) literally folds up under the carseat and lowers when you take your carseat out in just seconds!!


Here’s more about this product and why we love it more than anything in the world right now. 

  1. It goes without saying, but it makes getting in out of the car that much easier. I no longer dread car missions or negotiating a tired sleepy baby from one place to another. It’s so easy to work and fit into you car, even without the Isofix base. And the handle bar manoeuvres easily to each height.
  2. It’s compact and oh so zippy! It fits between small doorways with ease which means you can move around more freely. The Doona is perfect for restaurants and for those quick Woolies shops when you are in a hurry! I use it for school pick-ups and it has saved my sanity when I don’t have too much time on my hands. (read : when I’m running late!)
  3. It’s perfect to be used inside your home and stashed away in a corner when you don’t need it. (It barely takes up any room!!) I LOVE it so much for this reason – I put Hunter in it for naps and when she is fussy I push her around in it which she loves. If I have stuff to do I simply pop her in her Doona and she comes with me wherever I go – the kitchen to cook, the bathroom when I take a shower, the lounge while we eat. She loves being part of the action and being able to see us all at that height.
  4. It saves you all the boot space. How frustrating is it when you are packing your car for holiday and just by packing your pram, half your boot space is already lost? Because the Doona takes up the same space as your carseat, you no longer need any other pram parts. Can I get a “Hell YEAH!!”?
  5. The final reason why we love it so much and one which should probably be number one on the list is that it’s SAFE! Besides it being so convenient, this carseat has exceeded all test and rates up there wit the best of the best. 


Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests as well as additional tests above and beyond the requirements!

Doona complies with the highest EU, US and some other local standards*. As such, Simple Parenting conducted more than one hundred crash tests to ensure the baby’s safety and protection in a wide range of crash scenarios. On top of the compliance testing, Simple Parenting conducted numerous tests, in extreme conditions, to assure that Doona does not just meet the standards, but it exceeds them. The additional tests included collision at very high speeds, collision at freeze conditions, collision using a 3 year old dummy, and/or additional weights, etc.


Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests, as well as the beyond-compliance tests. In frontal collision tests (the most frequent type of car accident), Doona scored a high 5-star rating.

It boasts anti- rebound protection – Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handle against the back of the seat of the car, thus providing the baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection. In case of a collision, the Anti-Rebound handle will absorb the impact and prevent the Doona™ from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries.


The Doona is probably one of the best quality and most impressive products I have ever reviewed and have had the privilege of using. Do you know that out of 2 000 units sold here is SA already, there hasn’t been a single complaint or return? In Momville, that’s unheard of! It comes in a beautiful selection of colours too – We went with the red which as it turns out is the most gorgeous watermelon red (Love.), which we love because its fun and retro! It also comes with a seat cover to prevent it from getting dirty as well as an Infant Insert providing young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort.

At the end of the day there really is no amount of praise that will give this product the review it deserves. I for one am simply blown away. (So much so that my husband says I should work for them – In all fairness he doesn’t hear me shut up about it! )

The Doona retails for R5999, which for its quality and what it offers, is worth every cent! They can be found at Takealot, Kids Emporium, Kids Living , Baby Boom and independent stores country wide.

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Go check out the Simple Parenting website or visit Dooona Sa on Facebook for more information.

T’s and C’s 

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