I can’t remember the last time I set foot in a mall to shop. I’ve become a real sucker for online shopping, especially with things for my home. Also now that I have THREE kids, finding the time to shop for clothes is a luxury I can’t really afford. Often I have at least one of them with me, making it impossible to try stuff on and it only ends up frustrating me to no end, pushing a pram around while trying to hold on to several garments. And my sanity.

There is very little reason to actually leave the comfort of your couch these days though is there? Especially with fashion retailers like Exact who have recently joined the TFG group and their Online Mall to make our busy lives that much easier by allowing us to shop from anywhere –  our work desk, our home or even while waiting to pick up the kids!

I was so impressed when browsing their new website, not only by the functionality of their website (It really is so easy to navigate!) but also by how on-trend their ranges are. There’s something about the easy accessibility of a fashion website that is just so satisfying. Finding everything FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY in one place, instead of walking aimlessly around a shop and working your way through rails to find the correct sizes? With whiney children (and husband)? Bring it!

Look, I’m not saying there’s no place for stores (when you actually have the time and are looking for one specific item, going in to try on garments can be part of the fun!) but I just love how now days you can sit behind your laptop and literally put an outfit together – and then have that outfit delivered to your door with in 48 hours, sometimes less! Perfect for stay-at-home moms and working moms! Perfect for every kinda mom who struggles to find a moment to herself but still loves to take pride in her appearance and feel she is keeping up with the times!

You wanna know what we selected from their awesome website? Take a look ——>

I went with loads of denim – I’m a jeans girl through and through and with summer well on its way, light denim is so my thing. How beautiful is the jacket with embroidery detail?

For Hunter I chose her first pair of jeans – also with embroidery detail to match her mum. She’s my mini -me after all! ♥ I also selected these gorgeous baby growers. I love the vintage floral print!


For the boys I went with some some very basic tee’s to match some shorts I recently bought them that have lots going on with a detailed print. Finding plain black, white and grey tee’s for kids can be a challenge so these were a great find!

For the Master of the house, AKA Dad, I chose some black skinny jeans, because as he likes to say, Can a Rock ‘n Roller have too many pairs of black skinniness?


And the best part is that their ranges are so affordable. With todays economy it can be tough to shop stylish clothing that doesn’t break the bank and leave our wallets dry at the end of the month. I’m so impressed with the prices of their clothing and I think you will be too. I mean where can you find a 3 pack of quality t-shirts for R180 now days?

Have a look at their Website and who knows you may find something you absolutely LOVE. And the best part is you don’t have to leave your house. Or sell your kidney to pay for it.

This post was written in Collaboration with Exact

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