We discovered that Noah had eczema when he was just 6 months old. That literally mean he’s been suffering from this chronic skin disease for 6 years! We hoped and prayed that it would be something he would outgrow, but now we have accepted that it may be something we will just have to manage for as long as we need to.

We also have come to accept that we have to be really diligent when it comes to looking after his skin, as it often flares up if we have neglected it. And let me tell you something, if we do neglect it for too long it gets so bad that he screams in pain and can barely even get into a bath. In fact it’s gotten so bad at times that he hasn’t been able to go to school because his little bottom is so raw he couldn’t sit on it. It’s absolutely terrible to witness your child in such pain and discomfort.

So we have obviously tried many many products over the years and often, when the condition of his skin is so severe we have had to turn to cortisone creams to work their magic. Sometimes it’s just way passed the stage of repair and you have to do something to fast-track the skin’s healing process. So I’m not saying there’s no room for prescription creams. The problem with over-use and long term use of such creams though is that they don’t solve the problem and only thin the skin. Cortisone literally strips the top layer of your skin away and the more you use it, the more your skin needs. These creams are also extremely expensive and if you using them often, can cost an arm and a leg every month.

So our motto has definitely become become “Prevention is better that cure!” I literally lather Noah in cream twice a day in order for his skin to get the moisture it needs. I used to just use a basic aqueous cream which, yes mostly does the trick but still he would often moan about itchiness, especially at night! No matter how much cream we put on him, the itchiness always seemed to be a problem at some point or another.

I was sent the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet AP+ and LIPIKAR BAUME AP+,  especially for severe dry and itchy skin to test out and I was so interested to know if it delivered on its promises!

More about this product : 


  • 82 % of Patients using the Baume AP+ during one month don’t relpase VS only 26% with people using a standard care.

For Very dry, irritated skin prone to icthing. Extreme dryness.
Sensitive and atopy-prone skin. Babies, children and adults.
Also suitable for sensitive, very dry, irritated and itch-prone skin, leading to scratching.
Also suitable for atopy-prone and allergy-prone skin.




La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet AP+ – High-tolerance cleansing gel designed for very dry sensitive and irritated skin, prone to itching. Extreme dryness. Atopy-prone skin. Babies, children and adults.
This high-tolerance cleansing gel has a soap-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free formula and was designed for very dry sensitive and irritated skin, prone to itching. Concentrated in Glycerine 10%, shea butter and Niacinamide to help restore the skin barrier.



And this is what we can tell you after 3 months of using this range: 

  1. It really does take the itch away. If I don’t use it, i notice within days that he scratches more than usual. If we don’t use it for a a few consecutive days, his skin gets really bad!
  2. It’s moisturising without being sticky! I think it mist be a boy thing that you are just born with but boys hate being lathered in product. This doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or wet, only moisturised and clean, and so it gets a huge thumb up from Noah.
  3. The soap is luxuriously silky and has a lovely foam to it. I also love that its in a dispenser/tube so it tsays clean and doesn’t get all slimy like an ordinary soap bar.
  4. If you are diligent with using the cream you will notice a visible difference. 
  5. Its so gentle that even babies can use it!
  6. Its also been perfect my dry and hormonal skin~ this pregnancy wrecked havoc with my hormones and I’m loving the feel this cream gives my skin after my shower. It really leaves my skin feeling nourished and i cant help but feel I’ve been kind towards it!!
  7. It’s so affordable, especially considering how much you can spend on creams to treat eczema. It retails for only R270 (Syndet) and R375 (Baume).

Available at Dischem or go to their website to find out more about their other amazing products and where to find them.

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