I’m not your typical “baby-wearer”. I say that with the utmost respect for moms who are. The ones who literally carry their babies like mommy kangaroos wherever they go. I just didn’t really get into it with my boys, apart from the odd occasion where I couldn’t take them somewhere in the pram.

Fast-forwar 4 years and I found myself keen to give it a try third time round. I found myself eager to at least give it a fair go, especially knowing i wouldn’t have as much free time with two other kids to worry about. Before Hunter was even born I would spend hours thinking about how I was going to handle the logistics of three kids, whether at home or out on the go.

When Pod Baby Carriers asked if I wanted to review their new carrier I said a big fat YES! I knew that I would kick myself if Hunter arrived and I didn’t have something like this to offer me a solution to constantly holding and rocking my baby every hour she was awake. I knew I had to see what all the hype was about!

And in the name of transparency I will also say that any new baby product like this that requires a bit of understanding when it comes to figuring out how things work, can often put me off. I get overwhelmed quite easily with anything new, especially if I don’t have time to figure it out with a newborn in the picture. I guess you can say I scare easily! And I also want to know a product properly before I go endorsing it to you, my readers. That has always been my promise to you and it will continue to be as long as I do reviews on my blog.

So I had many questions to ask the ladies over at Pod Baby Carriers carriers. I think Robyn could sense I was a little apprehensive and new to baby-wearing and so she was extremely patient with me from day one. She explained things to me over the phone and directed me to the very comprehensive and easy to follow videos they have on You Tube.

And like with many other things, by the time I understood and got to grips with it (Which literally took 5 minutes!), i realised how blonde I must have been, because it really is so so simple and easy to use! I had really panicked for nothing.

This is what I can tell you from my experience of using the Sunshine Baby Carrier :

  • Once you know how to adjust all the straps and where to clip and fasten all the bits and bobs, it’s super easy to get on and off.

  • It’s comfortable! The thick/wide waist strap is soft and sits on your hips perfectly. (You can tighten it to your needs and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way)

  • It’s pretty and made from gorgeous fabric in lovely prints!

  • It’s perfect  for outings like grocery shopping, walking in the forrest, going to markets and other places where prams can just be a nuisance.

  • It’s safe. My biggest concern when getting to grips with the carrier was whether it was safe. And it really is! It’s made in a way that enables you to put your baby in that does not put them at any risk of getting hurt.

  • It’s really made with Mom in mind – For the early days when you want to keep your newborn close and for the days when you need to get stuff done. You can do just about anything while your baby sleeps in front of you… fold and hang washing, make breakfast (be careful with drinking hot stuff over your baby though!), paint with the bigger kids, make phone calls, see to admin. You can even blog! 🙂



So yes, I  think it’s safe to say I’m a convert! While you won’t see me carrying my baby in one ALL day everyday, the Sunshine Baby Carrier certainly has its place in our busy lives.

Here’s a little not more about their business :

Pod Baby Carriers, a mom and daughter team inspired by the birth of their granddaughter and grandson, nephew and niece Eyala B and Ezzie Bear and the power of baby wearing.

They started with the Pod Wrap (and later the amazing Pod Baby Carrier range) that would give mom’s and dad’s much needed support , having their hands free while ensuring their child’s nurturing, development and safety.

Their goal is to have babies held close to their loved ones, developing strong bonds and a deep sense of trust in the world around them. What better gift to give a child then the gift of nurturing and love? Research has shown that babies held skin to skin feel more secure, sleep better, cry less, gain weight faster to name just few benefits.

To find out more about their range of carriers and slings go to their website. Or email them at info@podbabycarrier.com. ♥

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