Finding toys my kids love and will cherish for years to come can be a challenge. I think my boys are at an age where they are prone to catching on to passing trends that pop-up, instead of thinking what toys and games will really stand the test of time. I guess, that kids for you. Immediate gratification and wanting what the other kids have – they sure do know what they want!

But as mom who sees so many of their toys cast aside within days only to make their way to the bottom of a toy box or found lodged under a couch left to be forgotten, I have really tried to find toys and games that provide lasting fun and, help them create memories that will last. I look back on my childhood and there are a few special toys that really stand out for me. I guess I’m hoping it will be the same for them.

4akid has fast become one of our favourite places to look for such toys and gadgets. They are usually stocked with all the latest products on the market, but often have things you may not find at your local toyshops. 4aKid are not only limited to toys, they offer a wide range of child-related products: from clothing to safety devices to infant products (dummies, travel, eating etc..), there is no limit to the things you will find, and always at a very competitive price.

4aKid specializes in the wholesale and distribution of innovative baby proofing items, child safety products, kids clothing, and trendy baby accessories, making life easier and simpler for moms and dads. Our range includes goodies for pregnant moms too. We offer award-winning products suitable for kids of all ages which are also great for baby showers, birthdays or any other occasions as well as just daily life with your baby, toddler or child.

We recently partnered with 4aKid for Hunter’s third birthday and she was absolutely blown away with every single one of the things we selected for her. If you missed it you can head over to Instagram to our highlights real – “4 a kid” and see all the lovely things she got and just how much she has been enjoying all her goodies.

What are some of her absolute favourites?

  1. Her pet unicorn. Guys this Walking and Singing Pet Unicorn is the ULTIMATE if your little one is as unicorn obsessed as Hunter. It sings, dances, walks and is just the sweetest addition to our home. It goes everywhere with us! I know they were getting more stock of the sparkly one, but they do have the plain ones without sequence in stock. They are just as cute! (See Instagram highlights for how this little fella moves and shakes!)

2. Her Wash Basin. Since getting her wash basin, I’ve been freshly inspired to repaint her entire kitchen just so it looks as beautiful as this. This one from 4 a Kid, recycles water and actually works like a real tap! Truth is we have been promising to set it up properly (dada keep getting the wrong batteries!) but the fact that she loves it like this and has already spent hours playing with it, tells me it’s literally going to blow her mind when she sees water flowing from the tap! Perfect for outdoor play, especially in the summer and will keep any little hands busy for hours.

3. Her Melissa and Doug stamps. She’s been stamping away to her little heart’s content the last two weeks and I love it that it gives her something creative to do for her while her brother’s are doing school at home. It’s so good for their fine-motor skills and it’s been amazing seeing her little imagination come to life.

Of course I had to get a few things for the boys too – The Uno Spin has become a huge family hit and it’s been so fun bonding over a fun game on these cold winter nights by a fire. We recently took it with us to Robertson for a family holiday and we are all hooked! So much so that even dad often declares a games night, with no twisting of the arm! 🙂

This game is just so fun! The same rules apply but now with the added spin card, which just makes things so much more fun – you can expect lots of “oh nooooooooo’s” and LOTS of laughing. You never know what to expect.

For a Kid t/a 4aKid is the manufacturer and/or importer for Smitten by 4aKid, 4aKid and 4aKid Safety. We are also the exclusive distributors and agents for the following brands for Southern Africa and surrounding countries: Huggalugs, Noo Wear, Elodie Details, Infoband, Tummy Tie, Snuggly Rascals Headphones, Playtape, and other amazing baby brands.

4aKid pride themselves in innovative & good quality products as well as their exceptional personalized service at all times, both as an online store and to their resellers.

Find them here or follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with the latest gadgets, toys and products.

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