Guys to say I love snuggling a newborn (Ok not any newborn, MY newborn) is an understatement. I LOVE it. There’s something about the way they fit onto your tummy and curl up like little frogs that you just can’t quite get enough of. And then there’s the heavenly scent that permeates out their delicate little pores. They are indeed intoxicating. And if life was easy and without all its demands and I had my way I would probably sit in bed all day soaking my baby in. Literally sniffing her head and patting her little bum.

But alas, Life is life outside of our little newborn cocoon and things have to carry on. I have two older boys who need my attention and stuff to do when I’m at home. Now that our little one is waking up to the world it’s becoming harder and harder to manage the time she is awake. She’s still at the stage where she wants to be held most of the time and feel the movement she felt in the womb so it can be challenging to make sure she’s happy when she is awake. So to say being sent the amazing Bounce and Sway form Tiny Love was an answer to all my prayers is a massive understatement.  We have used it for 2 weeks now and this is what I can tell you so far:

  1. It’s a quality product that is very easy to assemble. (Read: I put it together all on my own which says A LOT!)

  2. It’s beautiful and doesn’t scream “baby”! I’m all for baby products being functional and looking cute too. It’s pretty trendy and won’t clash with all your home decor. It has none of that over the top cheesy cartoon stuff going on. WIN!!

  3. It’s functionality is super impressive and boasts so many amazing features : Bounce and sway movements as well as vibration and music. I love that there are lovely lullabies as well as white noise options.

  4. It’s safe and secure for your baby. It’s so sturdy and won’t tip forward or backwards. It has secure safety straps ensuring your baby, no matter how big or small, can’t fall out.

  5. It’s so incredibly soothing and calming for a baby who gets niggly but also for those who just enjoy a little chill time on their own. I’m pretty sure all babies get sick and tired of being constantly handled and past around. This allows them to be part of the “action” and be with the hustle and bustle of awake time while sitting “independently”. The Mobile features allow some cute visual stimulation for their curious eyes.

  6. It’s perfect for anywhere in the house for those fussy times where you are needing to get things done. Move it to the kitchen when you need to cook and talk to baby at the same time. Move it to the lounge while chatting to friends over tea or to the dinning room for family dinner time. I’m pretty sure it’s even been used in many a bathroom to allow mom the chance to shower or bath.

Go check out this video!!!

So there you have it, our take on why this lovely product is SUCH a win in our home at the moment. And the truth is I only see her enjoying it more and more as she get’s older. I reckon that’s when she’s going to really make the most of the bounce and sway motions as she kicks her little feet and rocks her body more energetically.

Go check out their website for all their other products and baby brands! Like this awesome Baby Gym —>

Tiny Love are offering you the chance to WIN one these gorgeous Bounce and Sway chairs for YOUR baby to enjoy. Here’s what you are going to have to do to enter:

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T’s And C’s 

  • This completion is open to South African residents only
  • The winner will be chosen via and my decision is final
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Tiny Love and The Mom Diaries are not responsible for any loss or damages and the Bounce and Sway will be used at your own risk.
  • Competition will run until the Wed the 13th September at noon.
  • Winner will need to follow all 3 steps in order to qualify for the prize.


GOOD LUCK mamas!! ♥


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