So where the heck have I been you ask? Well you know, in between all the nappies, burping, swaddling and being on call 24/7, I’ve been slowly trying to find my feet and get back to the person I was before Hunter arrived. Although, what are the chances of that ever happening? She’s changed me. This little girl has changed me in ways I never could have imagined. Is it different to the way it was with my boys? I think so. (Although everyone who knows me well will tell you I was just as gaga over them as newborns) I mean for the most part it’s all the same feelings of love and obsession – that feeling that your heart will explode with love for someone so tiny. But there’s something a little different about this little girl. Perhaps it’s the knowing thats she’s my last or the fact that I’m not the nervous wreck of a mother I was the first two times. Or maybe, just maybe it’s because she’s the little girl I have always dreamed about having or because yes, simply because she’s a GIRL and with that comes a certain vulnerability and innocence, a tenderness if you will.

Whatever it is, I can’t accurately express how much I love this little cherub who has entered our lives. It’s been one month since her birth (You can read more about the birth here incase you missed it!!) and somehow it feels like she’s always been with us. There have been moments of exhaustion no doubt but somehow I’ve never reached that point of pure frustration or the point where I’m not sure how I will cope with yet another sleepless night. I mean surely there’s a minimum hours of sleep a human needs to survive? In all fairness, she’s not a terrible sleeper. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. So far her general routine is that she goes down at 8.30 and then wakes up at 11, 2.30 and 5.30/6. Bare in mind it takes her up to an hour to be burped and changed and re-settled back to sleep. I’m I’m just waiting for the day she lasts a good 4 hours between feeds! In the mean time this has been happening a lot…..(sneaking into our bed at different times of the night!) which I will be honest and say I LOVE!!!

The boys are simply in love with her which is a relief and there have been no feelings or issues of jealousy whatsoever. I was a little worried about Brody feeling he was being pushed out as he made way for the new baby of the house. But there is nothing like having a tiny newborn to make you realise how big your ‘little’ boy really is. I can see now just how big he is, just how much he has grown up. He’s so in love with HIS baby and is constantly offering to help with the dummy or to hold her for me so “mommy can have a break”. Bless.

All in all it’s been the best first month we ever could have imagined and life as a family of five is nothing short of amazing. Honestly, for those deliberating over whether or not to have another baby, I’m gonna say “DO IT!!” It’s such a wonderful dynamic and we are so blown away by God’s kindness and grace. Kindness to have been  blessed with a beautiful little girl after two boys and grace that continues to see us through the demanding times. Somehow you make it work, somehow you find the strength and energy and patience and kindness to be the mom you know you want to be. And for the most part, it’s been the most incredible thing to have happened to us.

Thanks for checking in…..

Love as always,

Leigh xxx

PS – Look out for some exciting things coming up – Hunters Nursery reveal with all our amazing collaborative brands, baby product reviews and giveaways as well as some insightful articles. ♥ Oh and some decent pictures of my family taken by someone who actually knows what they are doing with a camera!

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