Hey guys! I’m back after taking two weeks off to enjoy and soak up the deliciousness that is my new baby girl! I decided long ago that, apart from the odd Instagram post (Ok let’s be honest, she has quite literally taken over my feed!) I would avoid posting here for as long as I needed to feel get to grips with life with a new baby.

And it’s been the most beautiful and bonding two weeks I ever could have imagined. I will be sharing my birth story in more detail at a later stage but let’s just say, she came super quick in what has to be one of the most intense moments of my life and has since taken up a space in our hearts and lives that has always been reserved for her. It almost like she has always been here. Almost.

So for today I’m keeping it short and sweet. I gives me much pride and joy to introduce to you our darling Hunter Grace Geary, born on the 19th July just before 7pm weighing 3.6 kilos!! She is intoxicatingly beautiful and we are still marvelling at the sheer gift she is and all the love she has already added to our family.




The boys just adore her – more Noah than Brody in all fairness. Noah goes into a whole different world when he holds her, like it’s only the two of them in a room. He keeps saying to me ” Mom!! It’s so strange…. I look down at her and it feels like it’s a dream. Then i look up and pinch myself and realise I’m not dreaming, she’s real! She’s really here!” Brody on the hand loves to cuddle and poke her face for a few minutes before rambling off some odd story or telling me he’s had enough, he’s going to play outside.

But we are all happy and coming into our new roles slowly. I’ve been surprised at how easily I’ve found my feet third time round. Like i just know more instinctively what she needs and have a confidence in myself i certainly lacked the first time round. I’m grateful that she is very calm and sleeping well at night after two nights where she woke up every hour after sleeping all day! She also did so well during her three nights under lights, treating her for jaundice. (I secretly enjoyed having the heaters turned up in our room and holding her naked body in my arms for the duration of the time haha) Slowly we are getting there and to be honest I find myself wishing time would slow down even two weeks in.

I will be writing more and more frequently but for now excuse me while i snuggle the crap outta my little Hunny bear! Thanks for all the well wishes and love messages we have received, its so touching that you have followed our journey and share in our joy! We are grateful beyond words.


T’il next time xoxox



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