My love for rugs has become border-line obsession. Often they will be the first thing I notice in a room and more often than not, top of my list of sites I love to browse for new looks and design. I think its because rugs and carpets have the ability to really change a room, the potential to pull a room together in a way that other pieces are not always able to.

They create warmth and style! Finding the perfect rug for our Master Bedroom Collaboration was a challenge i was up for. I wanted something more sophisticated and grown up than many of the looks I had gravitated towards before. Something that was going to create a romantic yet classic look among our more edgy features. So when I came across this beautiful range of Vintage rugs form Rugs Original, I was immediately drawn to the whole look and feel of their design.

The beautiful grey rug i chose I felt complimented the room so perfectly, especially the feature wall which makes it stand out so beautifully. It also picks up on the other darker pieces in the linen, the Straight- up floor light from Klooftique and the Horn wall hook from Design Store!!! I just loved the way it worked so effortlessly.

Today we chat to Karen about Rugs Original, the brand she represented through our Master Bedroom Makeover Campaign.

How was your business/brand born and how long have you been running? 

Rugs Original has been a family run business for the past 30 years, starting with our first store in Cresta Shopping Centre all those years ago.

Tell us a bit about your brand and business ethos. 

Rugs Original is South Africa’s largest national importer of Persian & Oriental and Modern rugs, and offers the most extensive range of any supplier.

Supplying to both the retail and wholesale markets, the Rugs Original team spend much time sourcing the very best designs and quality rugs from countries around the world, including (but not limited to) India, Afghanistan, Belgium and Iran.

With stores based around the country, our dedicated team have an extensive knowledge of the products on offer, and this, combined with their friendly service will make selecting the ideal rug for your home a simple and pleasant affair.

How would you describe your style and what is your signature product?

Perhaps the best thing about Rugs Original, is that we spend much time ensuring that our selection process not only follows the current trends in home décor, but that our range has something for everyone’s tastes and desires.

What have been some of the greatest highlights on your journey this far?

1. The development of our concept stores 

During the past 18 months, Rugs Original has fundamentally changed its retail strategy, through the development of our concept stores. This has seen a refresh in the manner in which both stores and merchandise are presented, in line with the new brand positioning strategy. Much time and effort has been dedicated to assessing new manners in which to present merchandise, and to make shopping a more pleasurable experience for the consumer. All rugs to be displayed through the use of hanging display stands. The rugs are held on wheeled rails, allowing customers to easily slide them in and out to view and compare the various options. Display stands will showcase one sample size of a range (160 x 230). Consumers will be able to see, touch and feel their chosen rug easily. Rugs can then be ordered and delivered to the consumer’s home.

2. Taking our business on-line! 

As part of the above mentioned strategy, our entire range is available on line for customers to browse and purchase. Delivery is within 72 hours (within major city areas) and an exchange policy should the rug be the incorrect size or colour.

What do you want your customers to feel when they have purchased something from your store? What will they know when purchasing something from you? 

Rugs Original has long been synonymous with quality and comfort, and those are two elements that we always wish to retain for our brand. With the conversion to sales via out on-line store, we have added convenience to our ethos, and will strive to ensure that our customers experience the same level of service and satisfaction whether in-store or on-line.

Where can we find you?

Host of retail stores around the country, as well as a fully integrated on-line store. You can shop from the comfort of your home and have the rug of your dreams delivered to your door within 72 hours (for major city centers).



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