So I’ve joked quite openly in the past about how my old Travel System was enough to make my uterus dry up.(No kidding!!) Without mentioning names, it was bulky and impractical and generally not too much fun in a way of style and practicality. So choosing a Travel System third time round has meant I’ve wanted to be a lot more hands on with my research and my approach to what it is we really want. This time round we have been a lot more sure about what we want. Or should I rather say, what we don’t want!

Going into the Kids Emporium Green Point store a few weeks ago, I was met by Tiffany from Balu Baby who took me through step by step how incredible the Balu Baby really is!! I got to see first hand how this Travel System works and how easily interchangeable each part is. Who knew things like this could get a mom-to -be so excited!!

Tiffany answered some basic questions for me about the Balu Baby Travel System. Unfortunately the video we recorded of her doing a LIVE demo didn’t record the sound, but you can go into Kids Emporium Green Point and they would be more than happy to show you first-hand how it works and answer ANY questions you have about their products. (All their info is at the end of this post!)

  1. Tell us about Balu Baby – where did the name come from and how long have you been around? The name Balu, means child in Hindi. i though that was so pure and relevant to my business so felt it was the perfect match. Balu has been around for close 9 months now and we are overwhelmed by the response to the brand. 
  2. Where are Balu Baby travel systems manufactured? (Is this something significant you want people to know about your brand?) Manufactured in Singapore and tested in the Netherlands. If clients ask where its made, Im happy to fill them in, but the quality is impeccable and its the first thing clients pick up when they see the brand. 
  3. Travel Systems have come a long way since my stint as first time mom, what is it about the Balu that is different to those big bulky travel systems that I used 6 years ago?  Its is an easy to use travel system for on the go moms. Light and manageable.  This is exactly what a mom needs, especially being a mom of two myself. 
  4. Tell us a bit a bout the special features – how it easy transitions from one use to another. So whats different about the Balu travel System is the aviation polished frame, so its noter standard aluminium finish.  The aviation protects the frame from scratches. Secondly, its an interchangeable travel system meaning you needs will be suited for every age your baby is at. Basically the travel system is a one stop shop from 0kg (newborn) to 25kg (3 years). 
  5. What else does Balu Baby have in store for us?  Definitely some exciting products in the pipeline, like our Booster car seat and a twin travel system.  These will all be launched in 2017. 

The Balu Baby Travel System is such a perfect match for us. We love it because it suits our lifestyle and allows us to still be cool parents and retain an element of style. 🙂  Who said parenting needed to be drab and phoney? With my Balu Baby we are bound to have heads turning as we embark on all our adventures around Cape Town and beyond! I simply cannot wait to see how hip little princess enjoy her ride.

Ps. We put our pram together this past weekend, just to get to grips with it before she arrives and I’m pleased to report that we didn’t argue or get divorced so YAY for us! It was so easy to work and changing parts has never been easier!

A huge thank you to Balu Baby who generously sponsored my Travel System. As with all my posts of this nature, thoughts and opinions are my own and feedback is honest and genuine! ♥

For more information contact Kids Emporium Green Point!

Owner:  Riana Meyer & Zaheer Meyer
Owner Email: &
Telephone: 021 418 7636
Address18 Somerset Square, Highfield Road, Green Point 8000



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