Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that I ever would sit down to write a post like this. Nor did I ever think it would be as easy for me to admit something like this without feeling the need to check my head is screwed on or have one of my friends arrive unannounced at my door offering to take my kids to “give me a break”. But I keep reminding myself that pregnancy is a crazy ride and full of some very weird and unexpected discoveries. It’s a bloody shit show is what it is.

You see for the last few weeks I have been feeling somewhat “off”. Not anything too noticeable at times but just a feeling like my body wasn’t getting something so matter what I ate or drank. On one of my first visits to my gynea a blood test showed my iron levels were extremely low and that i was highly aenemic and so i was put on some very high-potency iron tablets which i have been taking for over two weeks. But still i began feeling  like my hormones were shifting again and that my body just wasn’t getting something it so desperately needed!

And then one day while filling up with petrol it hit me – it was the smell of petrol that penetrated my nostrils ever so mildly that had me gaging for more. It was like i had finally come into that fix I had been craving. I didnt think very much of it at first but slowly this urge began to get stronger – so strong in fact that I would wake up at night thinking about it.

I’ve googled it and learned about something called PICA where woman crave things that are not food related. Some woman lick cars for the metallic taste it gives off in their mouth, some each chalk for the chalky milky texture and some feel the urge to eat cement. I on the other hand enjoy winding my window down on the highway and going to  the petrol station to fill up my car. Or pick up milk. Or draw money. Or just kill time. You get my point.

I wish i just craved hamburgers and pickles like the rest of you normal pregnant women out there. But whose to judge right?

So before you all go screaming “Call your doctor call your doctor NOW!” Don’t worry I have. I was asked to email her a list of my symptoms and tell her exactly what I have been experiencing. And so I wrote her this email yesterday. (I cringed afterwards realising this must be the craziest email  i have ever sent a person in such a serious line of work)

Hello Jacky 😊

So this is just weighing on the side of caution – my gut tells me its all “normal”l but thought it best I let you know INCASE you feel I (or my head) should be checked for any reason.

In the last few weeks I’ve felt a VERY strong urge to smell petrol fumes and strong smells like turpentine etc… Now just incase it needs to be said, I’m not actually inhaling the stuff (Although the thought of soaking a rag in petrol has crossed my mind!) I’ve googled it and learned about PICA and that this could be due to my anaemia and lack of iron. The worry though is that I’ve been taking these tin tablets religiously for 2 weeks and still feel like my body is DESPERATE for something it’s not getting. Like ALL consuming, wake up in the middle of the night wanting to go sit at a petrol station kind of desperate.

That mixed with mild heart palpitations every so often (usually after a long day), waking up some mornings with nausea, low energy and occasional headaches had me wondering if there is something else I should be checked for or more i could be doing for iron. Will eating a fat steak even help?

Baby is moving LOADS!!! Almost worryingly so, Can a baby move TOO much?

Appreciate your advice. Please don’t send me to the crazy house 🙂


Yes, this is the email I sent to my DOCTOR – baring in mind she is the loveliest, wackiest most down-to-earth woman in her profession. Yet I still cant help but hold my breath as ai wait for her reply. Or that knock on my door.

Right now the urge to go to my garage and get amongst the paint and turps is so strong it’s all i can think about. So all I can do while I wait for the call back from my Doc is tie myself to the bed to restrain myself from indulging in any of these things. Because while petrol would be my first choice, turpentine comes in at a close second and I’m pretty sure a pot of paint would be nice too. (All this in the name of transparency guys!)

Maybe while I wait for the call you guys can weigh in? Have you experienced craving like this before or similar? Anyone have any solutions? Are any of you in agreement that its a lack of iron? Do some of you think i need to check myself into Crescent Clinic? HELP!


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