In the early stages of this Makeover Collaboration Competition I didn’t really have a very clear theme in mind. All I knew when starting out, was that I wanted to give a woman the chance to win something amazing that would make them feel hugely spoilt! I’ve always known where my taste naturally gravitated and I think I have a decent eye of what works well together, but I had no real colour theme or even a Pinterest board of ideas to draw inspiration from.

What I was certain of was that i wanted some classy art work, not just your everyday prints that seem to be available just about anywhere you look these days. Not that those prints don’t have their place, I just wanted something a little more personal with more depth. Something with a story behind it. I wanted ART!

So when I discovered Natascha van NIekerk Fine Art Photography,  I was blown away immediately by her work and knew I had found the perfect collaborator. Somehow her work manages to encapsulate both modern and classic elements, ensuring a certain depth and intimacy in her pieces. I love her botanical theme which gives her art a certain feminine edge. Just perfect for a bedroom space like this! Although if you browse her range of art work you will be amazed to find something suitable for almost every bedroom of your house! I love that her art comes in different sets – all made up of different prints, sizes and colours. And because she knows her work the best, she has put these combinations together in a way that best expresses the pieces simultaneously. It’s pure magic! Here are some of my favourite combinations :

And then of course, these beauties that featured in our Collaboration shoot!!!

‘Art Forms in Nature’ – 2x 60x90cm prints

Natascha van Niekerk Fine Art Photography also offers an array of other products in her online shop! Today we are talking to this extremely talented woman about her work and her online business,


How was your business/brand born and how long have you been running? 

I have always wanted to pursue fine art photography and sell my work as decor and have been doing this full time for 3,5 years now.

Tell us a bit about your brand and business ethos.

My work is all deeply inspired by nature. I love bringing the ‘outdoors in’ with simple pieces that remind us of the perfection and delicate essence of the natural world around us.

How would you describe your stye and what is your signature product? 

I would definitely say my style is light, earthy and somewhat minimalistic. All the botanical prints have been hugely popular for which I am so grateful as photographing plants and still lives has always been my favourite pass time.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I live in an incredible place, surrounded by sea, mountains, forests and lakes. I draw inspiration everyday from all the space and beauty around me. I am terribly lucky 😉

What have been some of the greatest highlights on your journey this far?

After 2,5 years of consistently building my brand and developing the product range, my online shop started doing really well last year with many print orders coming in every month. This has been such a wonderful achievement for me as my dream has always been to sell my work as decor pieces and supplying people with some beautiful, yet affordable wall art.

 What have been some of your greatest challenges? 

I would say one of the biggest challenges I face daily as an artist and an entrepreneur is the never ending roller coaster ride of self doubt and success.

 What do you want your customers to feel when they have purchased something from your store? What will they know when purchasing something from you. 

I would like my customers to feel looked after. That they have bought something valuable and of high quality.

 How do you juggle family/personal life while still looking after your business? 

We try and stick to taking one day over the weekend off to do a hike or two. It sounds like such a small thing but sometimes it takes discipline to not carry on working the entire time! I love what I do so can easily get lost in it.

Where can we find you? 

I have an online shop at ♥

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