Do you ever find yourself singing along to the theme tune of your kid’s favourite programmes? Be honest. Or worse, when they aren’t even around and the TV has long been turned off. Do you find yourself humming along to the likes of Max and Ruby or Daniel’s Tiger? Well for me, it’s more often than not the ever- catchy theme song from PJ Masks! Although I have a confession to make: I used to think it was PJ Max up until about a month ago. It may have something to do with the fact that my kids adopt an obligatory American accent when singing the songs from shows like this combined with the fact that I don’t normally pay too much attention to the actual show once it’s on (and I’ve given it the clear1) – only catching little bursts of song coming from the lounge as I prepare dinner or hibernate in my bedroom. (Common, I know you do that too!)

So it’s no guessing my kids are pretty obsessed with this show. They sing the theme tune, know all the characters in depth and even know some of the episodes off by heart! They are at an age where as the show starts and they are sitting down to watch, they will both have little banter over who is going to be who. If they both shout the same name at the same time, we have to redraw, because there’s only one rule when it comes to PJ Masks in our house – There can only be ONE Catboy or ONE Gekko! Heaven forbid they both morph into the same character!

And then after watching one or two episodes, they inevitably start a real-life version of the show and become these adventurous super heroes they have been inspired to be. I think this is what I love about the show the most – there is such a great theme running through and more often than not, the show inspires my kid’s imaginations to play independently. As far as TV goes, it’s  great programme with some important lessons to be learned.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, this is what the show is about in nutshell:

Kids like superheroes, so what could be better for tykes than becoming superheroes themselves? That’s what happens at night for young friends Connor, Amaya and Greg. When they put on their pajamas and activate their animal amulets, they turn into their alter egos — Catboy, Owlette and Gekko — before embarking on adventures that are filled with action. Along the way, they solve mysteries and learn valuable lessons. The animated series is based on the “Les Pyjamasques” book series by French author Romuald Racioppo.

I also love that they encourage girls to be super heroes too. That it’s not limited to boys to show of their courage and use their minds to solve stuff! It really is a great show for both girls and boys and Just Fun Kidz get’s a huge thumbs up from me for bringing these amazing quality toys to us!

Are your kids into PJ Masks? I bet they are and I bet they would LOVE to get their hands on an amazing PJ Masks Toy HAMPER worth R2000! Just look at all the amazing stuff we got in our package!

What the hamper includes:

3x PJ Masks Dual Figure Packs (all characters) R249.95 each

1X PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicle R699.95

2X PJ Masks Vehicles R299.95 each


Deluxe Vehicle RRP R699.99 per assorted vehicle:

 Pounce into action with the PJ Masks Catboy’s Cat Car! Hear phrases from your favorite hero and see the headlights light up as you roll “into the night to save the day”.  Roll the Cat Car to activate the pouncing paws and mouth as seen in the show.  Vehicle comes with 3″ articulated Catboy figure and can accommodate all three PJ Masks 3″ figures. Collect all three vehicles including Gekko’s Gekko-Mobile and Owlette’s Owl Glider for the ultimate PJ Masks experience. Ages 3 +

Basic Vehicles Reccomended Retail RRP R299.99 per assorted vehicle

 Pounce into action with Catboy and his Cat-Car! The PJ Masks Catboy Figure and Vehicle Assortment comes with a 3 inch articulated Catboy figure and his signature stealthy vehicle, the Cat-Car! Roar “into the night to save the day” as you roll the Cat-Car with Catboy inside! The car can even fit all three PJ Masks 3 inch Figures! Collect the rest of the Figure and Vehicle Assortments including Owlette and Owl Glider and Gekko and Gekko-Mobile for the ultimate PJ Masks experience. Each sold separately.

Dual Figure Packs – RRP R249.99 per pack

 Recreate your favorite scenes from the hit TV series, PJ Masks with the PJ Masks Duet Figures. You can even create new action-packed adventures by pitting crime fighting Catboy against the mischievous mad scientist, Romeo. The Figure Set comes with articulated 3 inch Catboy and Romeo Figures plus Romeo’s remote control accessory. Collect all three sets for even more hero fun. Assortment includes Catboy and Romeo, Gekko & Night Ninja, as well as Owlette and Luna Girl. Each sold separately.

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