I’m learning that there are so many ways you can make a space more interesting by adding something unique to an area in your home. I love that there are just endless opportunities when it comes to incorporating a creative touch to a cupboard or wall feature.

When i was putting the Kids Bedroom Makeover together I wondered what I could do to make Brody’s  cupboard pop with a bit of colour. Something that would involve more than just the straight-forward, down-the-line lick of paint. And then it hit me! WALLPAPER! I began searching the good old internet once again for companies that specialise in modern/contemporary wallpaper. I knew I wanted something quite classic and Geometrical and when i stumbled across Room 13 Design it was another one of those “This is it!” moments.



The Room 13 Collection is a unique range of textiles, cushions and wallpaper designed and produced by Room 13 Design. Based in Cape Town, our boutique graphic design studio has been crafting beautiful things for over ten years.


For a long time, it has been our dream to branch out into a new business where we could be our own client, and design a range that was true to our unique style; a collection that we would want in our very own homes. Developed over a period of three years, the Room 13 Collection is inspired by a vast compilation of concepts and ideas collected over time. These were then lovingly tailored by our talented designers and art directors into the drawings, collages and graphics now featured in these collections.

Today we hear from these two creative sisters Michelle & Nina van Reenen about Room 13 Collection and Room 13 Design ( the more graphic design side of their business)

1. Is this your full time job? If not, what do you do?

We also have a graphic design business that’s been running for 13 years, called Room 13 Design. Apart from that we are both mom’s, so that is really the full time job! 🙂

2. How and when was your brand born?

We started the design business in our mother’s Guest House 13 years ago. There was an unoccupied kitchen in between room 12 and room 14, and we decided to be bold and call it Room 13. About 3 years ago, when we started growing our families, we had the creative desire to design textiles and wallpaper for our own homes – and that’s where the Collection was born.

3. Was it an overnight success or did you experience many teething problems? 

It’s been pretty successful so far. Word of mouth and our portfolio’s reputation keeps us going, so that luckily counts in our favour. Cashflow can be a bit tricky at times, but thats’s a given in most start-ups..

4. What has been your greatest lesson in the industry? Any tips for people starting out?

 Don’t give up. Reinvent yourself as you go. Don’t imitate, innovate. Stay inspired.

5. As a momtrepreneur what are some challenges you face with having to balance it all – family, work and other commitments? 

Balancing work and family and having enough energy for it all is always a challenge!

6. What is the dominant theme running through your product range? And what is your signature product?  

We have 2 very different ranges at the moment, a part afrocentric / part Scandinavian – inspired geometric look and the botanical collection.

7. Who/what are your biggest influences? Or your greatest inspirations?

 We come from a family of entrepreneurs and our other halves are also entrepreneurs, so that’s been a huge influence and encouragement. It’s wonderful on the positive side to have that freedom 

8. What has been your biggest achievement thus far as a brand? 

Being able to stand the test of time and still being a relevant brand.

9. What are your future hopes for you business? 

We are hoping to expand our ranges overseas. Also hoping that we never run out of creative original ideas!

So if you are looking for wallpaper or textiles for your home, something that is going to make the world of difference to any feature, you may want to check them out!! I’m absolutely in love with the Botanical range for a bathroom. HEAVEN!!! Go check out their social media links below, you are bound to drool over their range of designs and textiles! ♥


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