My boys are real boys. Especially my 3 year-old Brody. He’s loud and boisterous with a heart for adventure and is always looking for something to get his hands into. And to be honest, besides the constant clean-ups and dirty ring around the bath every night, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My boys play outside for the moment they get home from school until I call them in for dinner, often as the sun is beginning to set. They come inside from an afternoon of playing on jungle gyms, riding bikes, climbing trees, playing in sandpits and making forts. They come inside covered in dirt from head to toe, often with sticky ice-cream fingers that have only been used to collect more dirt. But best of all they come inside happy.

But what about all the DIRT??

As much as I realise the fun they are having getting to these stages of dirtiness, the mom in me sometimes finds it hard to ignore the dirty fingers and grubby faces for too long. So, often I’m the killjoy, telling them to come in to wash their hands before they eat their snacks in the trees or move on to the next adventure. This often get’s met with moany complaints about how I’m spoiling the fun or worse, how Peter Pan’s mom doesn’t mind if they get dirty!

Which is why I still find so much value (and relief) in the honest little Wet Wipe – yes, despite not having had a small baby in the house for two years! And the convenience of having NEW limited edition Johnson’s Baby Gentle All Over STORKS packon hand for such occasions means I can hand one to each of them and they will do an honest job of wiping their grubby paws before my neurotic pleading begins. My kids get to carry on their adventures with minimal interruption and I get to experience peace of mind. Let’s not forget the added bonus of not using a single drop of water in our drought. BONUS!

Adventures away from home 

They are too perfect for those out-and-about moments when you are on the run and adventuring away from home! Think about just how many messy spills, grimy situations that arise where finding a bathroom is not always an option. (And by not an option I mean your legs are just too damn lazy to get there.) From beach excursions to forrest adventures to picnics in the park, these little guys are a welcome relief from all the mess and fuss that come with adventuring with messy little grubblins. Unlike many other brands out there, Johnson’s have mastered the art of Improved dispensing, meaning you get to hold on yo your sanity and enjoy the ease of dispensing 1 WIPE AT A TIME! 

Johnson’s have just launched these AWESOME limited edition STORKS® wipes featuring the quirky characters from the wonderfully hilarious animation from Warner Bros, which has just been released on DVD! They are also running a competition in select retailers where you can stand the chance to WIN Johnson’s Baby Wipes hampers with a free STORKS® toy to the value of R500! Every time you purchase these special LIMITED EDITION wipes you stand a chance of winning an imported plush toy and more handy wipes! How cute?

A week in the life of a busy 3 year-old proved all too well how handy our Storks Wipes came in on all our adventures, both BIG and small!

Storks wipes are perfect for beach adventures! Throw a pack in the bag to take care all your messy fun!

Skating adventures along the promenade with obligatory ice-creams make for some sticky mess…..


Johnson’s, in collaboration with Warner Bros and Storks® are giving away 2 hampers on my blog worth R500, including Wipes and a DVD of STORKS. A lovey family movie to add to your collection!

To enter you are going to need to comment below with your name and email address and tag two mom friends on the Facebook thread.

Please read T’s and C’s carefully and note:

  1. Winner need to follow both steps in order to qualify for the prize.
  2. You need to reside In South Africa in order to qualify for the prize.
  3. Competition closes at 17h00 on the 28th March.
  4. Winer is selected randomly via and my decision is final.


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