I met Liv at a mutual friend’s baby shower last year and came to discover that she was one the creative faces behind My Tiny Teepee, a gorgeous range of teepees that has made a rather big name for itself! If you follow My Tiny Teepee on Instagram you will notice that Liv has really mastered the art of cross-marketing, having collaborated with many of the brands that contributed to our own Makeover Collaboration Project. She is loved by many and you will see why!

You soon realise that Liv is one of those legendary little networkers who is all about community and making awesome connections through doing what she loves. And that’s pretty inspirational right? She is mama to two gorgeous little boys and still finds time to juggle so many other jobs on the side. Come and learn more about this little ball of dynamite and what gets her ticking in this wonderful thing called life! (And how she survives on ver little sleep while still maintaining a killer sense of humour!) ♥

Image courtesy of Following The Bean featuring a My Tiny teepee in all its natural perfection!


  1. Is this your full time job? If not, what do you do?Well I’d have to say my full time job is being a mamma. So I suppose no, this isn’t my full time job. Jokes aside – I have 5 jobs at the moment – each one of them more interesting than the other. I’m exhausted, but happy. So very happy doing what I love.
  2. How and when was your brand born? My mamma has been making incredible goods since early 2010. She moved to Cape Town end of 2015 and I decided the world needed to see what she can make. That’s my new passion in life – showing everyone how you can put your heart and soul into something and make it successful. Blessed.
  3. Was it an overnight success or did you experience many teething problems?Pretty much incredible from the start wth the help of the incredible people that live in our community. We are so loved by those around us. Teething problems – of course – but you learn and adjust and change and adapt. That’s the fun bit. I love teething.
  4. What has been your greatest lesson in the industry? Any tips for people starting out?The old “trust your heart” comes into it. Always trust your heart. Go with your gut and hey, if it doesn’t work – adapt!
  5. As a momtrepreneur what are some challenges you face with having to balance it all – family, work and other commitments?I’m lucky to say NONE. None, because when the kids are asleep at night – that’s when you work. Wait, so sleep. Sleep is the challenge. I never sleep. I don’t think it’ll ever sleep again, but that’s ok. I prefer work to sleep anyway. That’s how I know this is what I’m meant to be doing.
  6. What is the dominant theme running through your product range? And what is your signature product?The dominant theme is probably simplicity and unique design. We don’t have a catalogue and every Teepee is made especially for its little human. We don’t do anything made of polycotton and stay away from crazy colour. Not to say it’s bad, we just don’t do it – you can spot a MyTiny Teepee a mile away.
  7. Who/what are your biggest influences? Or your greatest inspirations? ( I’m guessing your little ones!)My mamma. I love her with all my heart. She is the reason I’m doing this. Her alone.
  8. What has been your biggest achievement thus far as a brand?My biggest achievement is having made friends from the clients that we have worked for. I love and adore each one and literally speak to 80 of them a day. Friends. Not just people with money buying a product. Friends. We aren’t just a Brand. There are people behind the Brand. People that care and love.
  9. What are your future hopes for you business? To be as happy as we are now doing what we love and to not have it become so big that it becomes something we dread doing every morning. I want to maintain all of these wonderful relationships. Special times.

My Tiny Teepee featured here was the perfect touch for Brody’s room and accounts for hours of fun!

Go and check them out on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see more of her range and other exciting things coming soon……

Thanks lovely Liv for sharing with us today xxx

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