I haven’t always been a beauty girl. Ok let me re-phrase that, I haven’t always really bothered taking care of myself from a beauty routine point or view. Heck, I only started plucking and shaping my brows a few years ago and the thought of fake eyelashes? Well those never even crossed my mind. I always felt they were too fake or not natural enough and add to that the horrible experience I had previously, meant I had kind of given up on the idea all together, or so I thought.

I then saw they were being offered at Rouge Day Spa early last year and well, the rest is history. Let’s just say I’m a convert through and through! I went looking like a mole to this!!!! ↓

Last year I ran a competition to WIN a set of Russian Volume lashes from the beautiful Rouge Day Spa and our winner was Sarah Vaughan, a fashion-forward ultra trendy chick who has worked in the fashion and retail industry for over 10 years – A perfect person to give us some honest and relevant feedback! I recently asked her to answer some questions about her experience at Rouge Day Spa and to tell us what she thought of the Russian Volume Lashes, which the lovely Koko applied for her.

1. How was your experience at Rouge day spa?

I had a wonderful experience. KoKo (the therapist who specialises in this application) was so lovely, professional and sweet. The room/salon environment had a lovely relaxing feel. The whole experience was a good one. Koko worked quickly and efficiently.

2. Had you had eyelash extensions before?

Yes! A few times. I hadn’t ever had the Russian Volume lashes done before though. And I was SUPER impressed with the end result!

3. What was your experience with the application and were you happy with the end result?

The application experience was a good one. I felt comfortable and relaxed, and it did not take too long. Extremely happy with the end result!!!

4. How did the look and feel compared to your previous experience?

I Cannot even compare. They looked incredible, seriously VA VA – Voom! I felt like a million bucks!

5. Will you consider having them again?

Absolutely!!! Will consider having them again for a special occasion/holiday etc! They are perfect for those beach destination holidays where you want to step out of the water looking gorgeous without the schlep of constantly applying makeup!

These are the kind of results you will see with Russian Volume lash extensions…

Crazy right?


So if you are looking for the place to go to have your eyelashes taken care of by only the best of the best then look no further. You can call 021 797 9871 directly to book your appointment with Koko. And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for all their other amazing specials and treatment offers.

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