I entered this pregnancy with very high hopes and promises to treat my body well. Besides the fact that I was adamant I wouldn’t let a little morning sickness get to me, I also swore to myself I wouldn’t let myself go and throw all caution to the wind when it came to eating. And then, well, my morning sickness was rougher than a stormy sea (In fact that pretty much exactly what it felt like) and I began to endure the worst headaches at 13 weeks. SO of course I began eating bad food with zero nutritional value and stopped exercising the way I was.

I started off well, allowing myself a cheat day on weekend and trying my utmost to prepare healthy sweet treats to curb by cravings – But then I needed the salt and vinegar chips and entire loaf of  white bread to curb the nausea. I needed the cold milkshakes to get me through the hot summer holidays. I needed the cheesy pizza on the couch after an exhausting day with kids. And now, somehow I’ve adopted the “I’m pregnant I can eat whatever I want” approach to food. And even though I’m back to feeling half human, it would appear I’m still stuck in the bad habit of eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Now before you all go thinking I’m exaggerating and start with the “but you pregnant, you can allow yourself to eat a little more and indulge yourself occasionally” I thought, in the name of transparency, i would share my food diary with you of what I ate over the weekend. (And heck maybe i’m needing a bit of accountability too!)

This past Saturday morning I attended a tea for my lovely mamas 60th birthday and so it seemed only fair to me that all limits be abandoned for such significant event. The problem was that I forgot we had also booked a late lunch at La Parada so there was little strategy when it came to saving space an calories. But ask any pregnant woman, you don’t really need to have space to eat, you will always find more room in there.

SO here’s my food diary ( not that I’ve EVER kept one of these silly things!) of what passed my lips on Saturday alone. * I should probably add that if you are a health freak or dietician then this may upset you to the point of concern.

8am – as usual I began my day well with my tea and pumpkin seed (Low GI) rusk.

10.30 am ( At the tea party) – I started off with  a croissant and coffee. Then went on to to dish up a nice portion of home made quiche (granted it was filled with loads of delicious veg) I had two glasses of orange juice (there may have been a little bit of champagne in the first one) and then ended it all off with a piece of carrot cake.

* I arrived back home and literally rolled onto the couch swearing I would never eat so much in one sitting again.

2pm- 4pm – Although I was still full from our morning tea, I went on to make a pig of myself at La Parada by ordering three tapas meals as well as dessert. Ok we all shared stuff but for the record, their tapas portions are pretty substantial. A virgin strawberry daiquiri (SOB!), Line fish, prawn croquettes, salt and pepper squid and a coffee panaccotta later, I rolled out of there feeling as though the slightest knock to my belly would result in it bursting at the seems.

I got home at 5pm and it it me just how much i had indulged in one day. I then felt so guilty about overeating – i mean TWO desserts in one day?  I literally couldn’t eat anything else ( I mean how could i even?) and had terrible heartburn until I went to sleep that night. (Oh the regret!!!)

You see the thing is I’m not overly concerned about weigh gain because well, that’s inevitable. I’m more concerned about being healthy and nourishing my baby. And I know that half that amount of food would have been ample in a day. It’s also about making better and healthier choices that are going to benefit my body and my baby. I realised just how much I have allowed this pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want. And even though I don’t eat like this every day, I’ve certainly let myself go a bit.

Here’s what Healthy Eating said about pregnancy eating during your first and second trimesters.

Your body has increased nutritional needs during pregnancy. Although the old adage of “eating for two” isn’t entirely correct, you do require more micronutrients and macronutrients to support you and your baby. Micronutrients are dietary components, such as vitamins and minerals, which are only required by the body in small amounts. Macronutrients, on the other hand, are nutrients that provide calories or energy. Examples of macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Second and Third Trimester. It is normal for pregnant women in their second or third trimester to be hungrier because their baby needs more fuel to develop at this stage. You will need an average of 300 extra calories a day to gain weight at a healthy pace while supplying enough energy to your growing baby. For most women, this would correspond to between 2,500 to 2,700 calories a day during these trimesters. Listen to your body and eat when hungry.

I think its safe to say I’ve been going over my 2900 calories a day threshold!

So in an attempt to undo the damage, i had a day of eating cleaner yesterday, I increased my water intake and  went for a very brisk walk/run this morning (about 2.5 kms.) I am really trying to eat clean and limit my sugar intake as well as plan ahead. Here are some of the things I’m stocking up on that I know will make eating better that much easier –

  1. Fruit, nuts, macho powder, coconut milk, goji berries and almond butter for smoothies. (Post coming soon with my all-time fave NutriBullet smoothies!)
  2. Wholewheat Low GI rusks for tea time – to avoid attacking the kids cookie drawer.
  3. Cottage cheese and wholewheat crackers
  4. Full cream plain yoghurt with fruit – berries, honey.
  5. Celery and carrot sticks with humus. (The orange one is to die for!)
  6. Boiled eggs with crackers.
  7. Avo’s, biltong, nuts and dried fruit and snacks.
  8. Homemade muesli for mornings and afternoon snack.

Are you pregnant and struggling with what you put into your mouth on a daily basis? What are some of the things that have worked for you? Il take all the help i can get, this mama needs to get back on track!

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