There are very few moments in my life that stand out. Like REALLY stand out above the rest. I’ve had plenty of really memorable moments in my life, sure, but I’m talking about the moments where time stands still and you can actually feel a supernatural force at work, where something of heaven collides with earth. The times when you feel like every doubt you ever had about whether God is real vanishes and you feel closer to him than ever before.

One of those times was when my husband proposed to me – I was no doubt, elated with excitement and could quite literally feel like God was there with us as we ventured into the unknown. Then we said our “I do’s” and on that day I felt like all my prayers had been answered, that my soulmate and I were transported to a level of happiness you rarely get to experience with another human being. Our souls were united that day and so of course there was a real significant and spiritual presence that permeated the hours that made up that beautiful day almost 10 years ago.

I thought that day topped my list of special and earth shattering moments and then, I gave brith to our first son Noah. That day goes down in history as the day that changed me. Like, ripped me apart from the inside out (not literally of course although I did have some complications giving birth!) It was a moment in time that was so spiritual yet grounded in earthly reality that it took me days to really grasp the sheer wonder of that moment where I brought my own living flesh into the world. I swore there would never be any greater feeling.

And then of course I went through it all over again and birthed my second son Brody – the most healing of all experiences I have yet endured. After Noah’s birth complications I took nine months for my body to heal and by the time I went into labour with Brody over two years later I still had pain from post birth surgery. Brody healed me in that very moment he made his way down the birth canal. I felt everything you would feel giving birth naturally but was quite literally healed from all previous pain and discomfort.  I had zero pain from the second he came out. Yes that’s right, not a single stitch or tear, only repaired scar tissue, and a fully restored soul.

So yes, very few really significant moments in time where I have felt like I was transported into a spiritual place of appreciation, exhilaration, and love and where I connected with God in a deeper way through those special experiences.

Last week I entered that spiritual ‘realm’ once again. I returned to that nanosecond in time that almost feels like eternity. I was told the baby growing perfectly in my womb is a GIRL!!! Yes, I was told I will finally know what it’s like to have a daughter and have my dream fulfilled. I was told this news and every part of my body broke down into a flood of tears. Tears of disbelief and overwhelming happiness. I felt God right near me whispering quietly ‘Don’t think I don’t know you, don’t think I don’t listen to the desires of your heart, don’t think I don’t know you better than anyone”.

I cried for what must have been ten minutes – heck all three of us were crying, the doctor included. and I went on to cry on and off for the days that followed. And every now and then I still play it over in my head, that moment when the doctor said “ I wouldn’t keep referring to it as a He, this is a little girl” Time and space and all earthly matter stood still and what I felt can only be described as a supernatural and overwhelming sense of joy. I think I caught a glimpse of heaven right there in that Fetal Assessment Centre.

So there you have it, The Gear’ys are welcoming a little girl into the world and I will be holding her in my arms in just another 6 months! Another day where I anticipate more of the overwhelming sense of God’s presence  and feeling closer to heaven than ever before.

Meet our precious little angel who will be bumping me off my throne come July 2017. Get this, Most probably on my birthday!! 🙂

How are those perfect little lips? My little girl baby!!

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