I always struggle to fully grasp the fact that yet another year has passed and that we are about to jump head first into all the Christmas festivities all over again. I mean, I can still feel the icing sugar of last year’s ginger bread house under my finger nails! Well, not really ‘cos that would be really gross but how is it that I just purchased another one to decorate with my kids this holiday? (What’s even more unbelievable is that I’ve managed to avoid eating it before the appointed time!)

I say that, but truth is I couldn’t be more ready for the holidays to really begin. It’s been a pretty hectic and full-on year for The Geary’s, as I’m sure it’s been for most of you. With a husband who has his finger in more pies than your local bakery, starting new businesses, blog work, raising kids, running a home and still finding the time to be with family and friends, it’s proved to be a challenging and stretching year. One with loads of growth and many lessons learned, all of them which I’m so very grateful for. Oh and let’s not forget, the fact that we have conceived a new baby in 2016, that’s some pretty significant stuff too!

I really do consider myself one of the most blessed people in the world and often I’m left feeling undeserving and a little guilty when comparing with others who are less fortunate. But there’s really no use feeling those things is there? Instead I plan to keep helping those with less and finding ways where we can make a difference and continuously show gratitude for all the wonderful things God lavishes upon us daily. I will continue to live with a spirit of gratitude rather than one that is never satisfied and always asking for more. Because the truth is, I am satisfied. I have everything I need and more.

So as we make our way into the gorgeous vineyards to the beautiful cottage we have rented over christmas I will   remember how blessed I am to have the life that I have. As I sit and watch my children swim and play I will consciously be reminded of what a gift they are. As I enjoy some time with my husband without the distraction of work I will cherish the special moments we share together. As we braai good food and enjoy cold drinks at sunset I will reflect on all the wonderful things our God has lavished on us this year and that through it all, I have had the support and love of a family who makes my life richer in every possible way.

Grateful watching my kids play

Here’s to sunset walks. beach excursions, ice-creams missions, christmas trees and fairy lights, carols in the park, braais with the family, early Christmas mornings opening gifts (no matter how big or small), ginger bread house decorating, eating too much lamb and turkey drenched in mint sauce, afternoon naps, family movie nights and mid night snacks. (I’m pregnant ok??) Here’s to family and friends and saying thank-you to them for all they do for us at every turn.

ice cream missions

Here’s to holidays!! ♥

christmas holidays

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