I love getting to spent time with my boys as the year starts to draw to a close. The outings and magical experiences we get to share feel like small rewards for all the hard work throughout the year. Not just for me, but for them. I think we often forget that even though our children may be young and enjoying their preschool/primary years, they are constantly learning and developing new skills. They are expected to keep up with their peers as well as with our fast paced lifestyles where we are constantly on the go. They also need to be rewarded for their hard slog and and effort right?

The Build-A-Bear workshop at Canal walk was the perfect start to spoiling them for all their hard work. It was just so amazing watching them follow the step by step instructions given by the very charismatic Aiden, who from the get go had the kids engaged and eager to get involved. It made me realise how much Brody has matured and and while he had moments of hyper distraction like any normal three year old, for the most part he was pretty attentive and calm.

When Build-A-Bear came out all those many years ago, I didn’t have kids of my own but I can alway remember thinking it would be such a cool thing to do when I did have them. To be honest, I always had pictures in my head of doing it with my little girl – you know? Cute fuzzy pink bear and dressing her with girly apparel, accessorised to the hills. I kinda had it my head that it was quite a girly activity. Well, as it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. With the Latest Build-A-Bear workshop, we get to see the coolest movie characters come to life, and there is so much for the boys to enjoy!!


My boys, being a tad superhero obsessed, went with the obvious choice, Ninja Turtles! There is such a huge selection to choose from though- anything from from Paw Patrol, unicorns, dragons to your run of the mill cuddly bear. Oh, there’s even an OLAF! There really is something for everyone. The process is what makes the experience that much more fun. From choosing your bear, to filling him up, to giving him a heart and sound (And even a yummy scent!) to awarding them a birth certificate with all their personal information on it, it’s certainly the most wonderfully magical concept. I mean, I would’ve LOVED this as a kid!

There are 5 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores across South Africa:

Western Cape:

* Located in Toy Kingdom, Canal Walk Shopping, Cape Town

* Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, Cape Town


* Gateway Theatre of Shopping, North of Durban

Johannesburg and Pretoria:

* Located in Toy Kingdom, Sandton City Shopping Centre, Johannesburg

* Located in Toy Kingdom, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, Pretoria

With 14 retail stores nationally, offering the latest and most recognised toy brands to families, Toy Kingdom combines unrivalled quality toys with beautifully designed stores. Friendly, knowledgeable staff encourage children and parents alike to interact and play with the toys. Each store is designed not as a retail space but rather around the concept of play, creating a unique in-store experience of ‘toadally’ charming fun.

We were treated to the full R599 package which included any bear, stuffing, a voice recording, a heart and gorgeous outfit to dress your bear in. On top of that you receive a birth certificate an a gorgeous carry box that can be coloured in at home.

* There are some more affordable options which are just as cute for those on budget.

For those who feel it’s quite a hefty price to pay for a bear i urge to you to rethink it. Just walking into any toy shop, it’s clear that most toys come with a hefty price tag. A standard soft toy alone has the potential to put a small dent in your wallet. This is an experience that includes so many extras that a normal stuffed toy can’t even compete with.

And PLUS I’m offering the chance to WIN the Ultimate Build-A-Bear experience worth R599!

What you are going to have to do is:

  1. Like the Build-A-Bear Facebook page
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  3. Tag two friends in the comments of the Facebook thread

If this is something you think your kids would enjoy, I would seriously look into it. It would make the perfect christmas gift or end of the year treat from the grandparents! For more information visit their website and Facebook page. For the cutest inspiration you can also follow them on Instagram.


And before you go, watch our video of all the fun we got up to by clicking on the link : bulidabear ♥

Please read terms and conditions in the T’s &C’s section above. Good luck xxx

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