6 weeks ago I arrived home from a weekend away to hear that an old friend had been involved in an horrific car accident. She too was on her way back from a weekend away with her boyfriend and two little girls of 7 and 11.  I opened my laptop to answer emails and there it was, the devastating news that they had been in a head on collision, one so bad that it took the lives of little Jess (7) and Heather’s boyfriend Clint. In a single moment this families live’s changed forever.  I felt like I had been punched in the stomach and I began to sob. I was transported to the scene of the accident and it felt like it was happening to me – It felt like I was mourning the loss of my own child.

I think that’s how most of us respond right? It’s the mom in us, where we put ourselves in another mom’s shoes, a place where you are filled with another woman’s pain that you can’t even imagine to be true. I cried for over an hour as I pleaded with God again and again asking him “WHY?”. I just couldn’t comprehend the nightmare this mom was going to have to face. It all seemed like a horrible dream.

I hadn’t seen my kids all weekend as I had been in Durban for four nights, (The city where Heather had been living and where the accident took place!) and even though they were both at school full day that Monday, I couldn’t help jumping in the car at 10am to go and fetch them. I just needed my babies and longed to hold them in my arms. I realise again how fragile life is and how special every day, every moment is. I was broken for Heather and all their family. I was so deeply effected and i didn’t know why.

Over the last 6 weeks we have been updated on Heather and her eldest daughter Tyla’s progress by her very brave sister, whose unwavering faith has been evident throughout the ordeal. It’s amazing how in these times, the people who are the closest effected, are the ones who are challenged to stay strong in their faith. I have been amazed at the strength and faith this family has shown, the love and connection so beautifully on display through it all. It has certainly challenged me to rely on my own faith and to trust God as the One who is bigger than all of this, through every challenge and heartache we may face here on earth. I know now that God can and always will use these tragedies for his greater good, it’s just hard to always see that in the midst of the pain and suffering.

Does that change the fact that this title family are in the most heartbroken place ever imaginable and that it’s going to take many more months of healing? NO. There is a very long road ahead for dear Heather and her lovely daughter. The extent of Heather’s injuries are severe and she is still in hospital with fractured feet, a broken sacrum, and lots of internal damage to her organs. (As far as i know these things seems to be under control and it’s a miracle she is still alive) But far worse than all this, her heart is broken as she has had to face the loss of her littlest girl. I plea with all of you to please pray that her journey ahead is made easier and that through support, prayer and faith their lives are restored.

With all the huge doctor’s bills they are also now facing, a trust has been set up to help this family financially.  A way for those who are financially able, to help ease the added burden of debt. I would like to ask you to please look into your hearts to donate whatever you can. Remember, that every little bit counts, because every little makes a lot. I know that Heather and her family would be humbled and grateful by any generosity shown towards them as they try to pick up the pieces of their lives.

For more information, you can visit the Facebook page The Heather & Tyla Reen Trust. Or see below for details for donations. Above all, please pray for this young mommy as she finds the strength to get through the next chapter of their lives. ♥


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