As our nations prepares for 21 days of lockdown in our attempts to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all thinking of ways we can not only survive the 21 days in isolation, but enjoy them. Here are some things to keep you and the kids busy and bring to your home a sense of togetherness and gratitude for the simple things.

  1. Bring the restaurant home. Get the kids to develop a menu, cook together as as family and then get the kids to serve you as though you were in restaurant.You can get as creative as you like here, even create a wine and dessert list. Make sure you have prepared things like jelly or fridge cheesecake earlier in the day to serve after dinner. Set tables, decorate, use chalk boards for menus, pick fresh flowers from garden, and let the littles serve you in aprons and home-made chefs hats.
  2. Campout in the garden – The kids will love this and it gets everyone outside under the night sky. Go to town and throw some burgers on the braai or make a poetjie! Make sure you’re set to go with marshmallows, torches, guitars, books and all the fun stuff that makes for an awesome camping experience! 
  3. Do a GINORMOUS puzzle on the dinning room table – this you can do over the 21 days, just make sure the kids help and that you complete it by the time the 21 days is up. Challenge accepted! 
  4. Have a dance party! Put a playlist of all your favourite tunes together, dress up in some funky clothes and start pumping the music. The kids will love it and the music is bound to lift their spirits. With the added benefit of burning off that pent up energy, what’s not to love? 
  5. Workout every day! It so important for our mental health to keep active and adhere to a healthy routine. Best10 offers the most incredible home workouts and nutritional plan that couldn’t be more suitable for a time like this in quarantine. It’s wonderful to do as a couple and there are ways to even get the kids involved. Sign up now, you won’t regret it. – Use this time to get fit, not fat 🙂
  6. Wash the car. Something we never get round to if your car is anything like ours its screaming for some love and a good dose of antibacterial soapy water. Kids love getting all soapy and who knows, perhaps a water fight is on the cards! 
  7. Plan a treasure hunt. This could be as simple as hiding some treats, but feel free to take it up a notch. Hide all the ingredients you need to make choc chip cookies (this will teach them ingredients and allow for another activity : baking!) Another idea is to hide a few books that make up a series or some crafty goodies which they can use later on.
  8. Create a Home Spa – Set up the lounge with chairs, towels, bowls of water, body lotions and give each other a massage or if there are girls in the family, paint each others nails. Make sure you create the ultimate spa experience by providing some calming background music.

9.   Do some gardening and get stuck onto that garden DIY project you have been putting off for so long. Get the kids involved by getting them to collect things from the garden for a fun nature craft activity. 

10. Read – all those books that have been collecting dust on your bedside table? Read them! 

11. Sort out you cupboards and put old unwanted things aside for charity. 

12. Start a blog – record your days and have an online space to share and connect with others. This could include things about what’s happening it the world, the stats, the real fears and your own personal thoughts and feelings in these unprecedented times on our planet.

13. Create a tuck shop for the kids at home. For every chore they do, they get money to shop. This keeps things fun and gives mom a break from doing it all. Stock things like cheddars, biltong, nuts, popcorn, biscuits and make sure to put a hefty price tag on those sweets and chocolates!

14. Get the kids to put on a show. Give them some tools and some ideas and tell them they have 30 minutes to practice and put together a world class show of magic, singing, dancing, gymnastics, recitals etc…. They will perform for the family after dining at the “restaurant”. I mean, dinner and a show? When the actual last??

15. Have a Games Night – bring out the board games, Uno, 30 Seconds and any other fun games you have lying around the house for a marathon GAMES NIGHT! Make it interesting by creating some fun prizes and host an awards ceremony for different categories – Best Sport, Funniest contestant, Most consecutive wins, Most ruthless….Most devious… you get the picture.

16. Sit down together as a family and write your list of top ten favourite movies. Work your way through them one by one. Jam your movie nights up with popcorn and hot chocolate. Of if you have your Zoku Slush makers, indulge in some icy treats.

17. Make a home video. Every day create a small video clip of what you have done as family, how you are feeling etc… At the end of the 21 days combine all the videos, add music and text and publish it online for you to share with loved ones and store for years down the line. 

18. Create a time Capsule with the kids – Get the kids to start their own diaries documenting their days – this can include their thoughts and feelings, pictures etc… They can paint pictures, tear out newspaper articles, create something with clay, Write poems, record songs…. etc… Once they have completed these things, put everything in a sealed box and bury it in the garden. Imagine the joy unboxing this in 2026!

19. Go on a virtual trip around the world and learn about different cultures. Spin a globe or pin a map blindfolded and wherever your finger lands, is the country of the day! Learn about different cultures, food, languages and combine it with your Home Restaurant by cooking that country’s traditional food. Examples : Italian, Indian, Spanish, Thai etc… Get your children involved in the kitchen learning about different herbs, spices and flavours. 

20. Listen to podcasts while the children listen to Audio books. Here are some great free resources. – Audible for the kids and Podbean for the adults.

21. Meditate, Reflect and Pray. If there is a better, more suitable time for quiet and mindful meditation and prayer it’s now. Perhaps you have a daily program or journal to follow or a diary to jot down your thoughts and feelings. What better way to remember this time and to one day be able to look back at this and realise how profound it was in shaping us. 

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