I sat in bed last night dreaming up all the things I wished I could do today. As a mom I realized that not many of them were going to be possible. Before the day even starts i must admit defeat and embrace the madness, which I intend to do. But for fun lets look at how different life is with kids shall we?


10things I would love to do today:


  1. Wake up late
  2. Be served tea in bed
  3. Go for a run in the forest
  4. Take a long hot shower
  5. Have pancakes for breakfast
  6. Get back into bed with a book
  7. Have a nap
  8. Watch a movie/write a blog post
  9. Make supper with my husband over a beautiful bottle of red
  10. Eat it on the couch while watching a movie marathon


10 things I will be doing today:


  1. Wake up at the sparrows fart
  2. Make my own very strong coffee with kids pulling at my dressing gown
  3. Read a gazzilion books before 8am
  4. Make 3 different breakfast for my kids who appear to have worms
  5. Watch 2 episodes of Noddy, 3 episodes of Pepa pig and 1 episode of Paw patrol while mindlessly scrolling my facebook feed.
  6. Hang out at the grandparents and cause some havoc
  7. Take 2 hours to get out the house to attempt cave golf, lets face it, its not gonna happen.
  8. Get home with tired boys and begin suicide hour on my own cause daddy bear is in the States
  9. Pour myself a glass of vodka
  10. Pass out on the couch with a peanut butter sandwich


Yup that sounds about right hey? Did I miss anything else?

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