Isn’t it funny how when we are young all we want is to be BIG? We look into the future as though it holds such promise, such freedom. And yes, in many ways it does, but let’s face it, we never expected the face of freedom to be covered in zits. Big craters  that represent  debt,  a tireless job, parenting, becoming a home owner and keeping a family alive. No, Freedom (in my humble opinion) my dear friends more often than not, resembles a great big ball and chain.

I wish my kids would realise now, the pure luxury it is being young and carefree with not a worry in the world. I wish they knew how freaking easy they have it. The hardest decision having to be made is usually what they would like for breakfast, which as it turns out, our 4-year-old takes extremely seriously. He is petrified of regret. I mean God knows what would happen if he chose oats instead of Pronutro.

And it really doesn’t end there. Here are some things I miss about being a child, or better yet, some things I hate about being a grown up!

  1. I hate that i can’t eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and supper without feeling sick. I really hate that i can’t eat it all without getting fat.
  2. I hate having to pay bills and make money appear out of fresh air. I mean doesn’t money grow on trees?
  3. I hate always having to be so anal about keeping the house clean. Seriously, what happens to us as we grow up where we can’t live in or own mess for longer than 5 minutes without getting panicky? Just me?
  4. I hate not being able to believe in myself like when i was young and believing just about anything is possible, that life is full of magic. I really miss fairy tales.
  5. I hate being so caught up in the stresses of day-to-day life and not taking a moment to enjoy the small things. We were so  good at that as kids right? Now we rush through life forgetting to breath and see life through the lenses of our childhood.
  6. I hate being able to run and jump and bounce and play ALL day without getting tired! I consider myself pretty fit, but man my body is betraying me! Come 3pm in the afternoon and all i want is to hit the couch with a cuppa tea. And by the time i ever eventually get round to doing that, i start to feel my eyes close.
  7. I hate the feeling of wondering if we will ever have enough. I hate that we can’t be happy with the clothes on our back and the pizza in our tummies. I miss that feeling of not worrying about the future and living in the very simple present.
  8. I hate not being able to get away with things because I’m cute. While we are pretty strict parents, I can’t tell you the amount of times my boys have been excused the most hideous things, just because of a look they give or something they say. How nice would it be if we all got by on good looks and our adorable dimples?
  9. I hate that weekends no longer mean waking up in pjs and watching cartoons while eating an entire box of cereal. Now days, weekends involve housework and errands and all the stuff your very busy week didn’t allow. Now days, the closest we get to a chilled morning is whipping up some pancakes while simultaneously doing washing, the dishwasher and asking the husband for the umpteenth time to hang your picture up.
  10. I hate that I will never  be young again. My childhood is a thing of the past. I miss that feeling of knowing you had your whole life ahead of you and that you were about to take on the world.

While many of these are largely due to ignorance on the kids part, I wish I could go back even for a day, where life wasn’t about making ends meet or worrying if my skinny jeans were no longer on trend. I wish I could go back to that simple and innocent time where life was all rainbows and butterflies, where I could be anything I wanted-even if that meant being a multi coloured unicorn dancing to “Its my life”.

What I wish even more is for my four-year old to stop wishing he was “big” and wishing these precious years away. I want him to enjoy the innocence of his childhood and embrace each care-free and magical moment knowing life is just as it should be for him at this time: an adventure, a magical mystery, a time of innocence and dreams.

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