To Noah On Your 7th Birthday!!

To my darling son Noah on your seventh birthday! HAPPY  BIRTHDAY MY BIG LAD!!  Noah I can't believe you are SEVEN! I know that every mother since the beginning of time has asked the same question, but where oh where has the time gone? It felt like just the other day...

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From Hero To Zero

You know that good ol' saying  "I went form Hero to zero"? Yes? Well these 6 little words seem to describe me so aptly right now. I feel like I am WINNING at life one moment only to feel like I'm being kicked to the ground the next. It's such a freaking rollercoaster...

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Hi I’m Leigh, Mom to two of the cutest boy creatures alive! On this space you will find snippets of our life in Cape Town and the many facets that make up our parenting journey. From great food, kids decor, fashion, helpful tips and insightful articles, I hope you will be freshly inspired to live a healthy, fun and creative life! Come and join us on our adventures as we navigate the road of motherhood together.




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