The Mom Diaries Has Had A Makeover! Come And See!

I think, somehow over time, I’ve lost my way a bit and begun taking it too seriously and in doing so the joy has kinda been sapped out. And when there is no joy in something it’s usually because it has lost its soul. I want The mom diaries to have soul!! So my main aim really is to start fresh and breath new life into what I feel has become a bit stale and tired. read more

Date Night At Dash Restaurant And Bar {Review}

Life is a crazy game........... Before I go reciting James Morrison's lyrics i'll stop there. But I will just say this ; that our date night at Dash restaurant last Thursday (where we had been invited to try the four course menu paired with wine!) could not have come...

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Dear Human Race, We Need To Do Better.

Yesterday I had a rather profound realisation about who we are as the human race. And no, I'm not even talking about how humans have failed civilisation with war, rape, murder and terrorism and all the heinous crimes that set actual monsters apart from people.  No,...

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Step One : Making The Call.

Where do I even begin? Where does anyone even begin to talk about the very thing they have tried to ignore for the better part of their adult life? I guess that's what makes it harder, because sharing something like this now would mean I've been hiding the truth for...

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The Return Of The Motherhood Virus

Can I get a hands up if anyone else out there feeling like this today!?? So tired that you just can't. So tired that by the end of every day you can barely keep your eyes open? Every so often this happens to me. My body goes into complete shut down - it enters a realm...

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Hi I’m Leigh, Mom to two of the cutest boy creatures alive! On this space you will find snippets of our life in Cape Town and the many facets that make up our parenting journey. From great food, kids decor, fashion, helpful tips and insightful articles, I hope you will be freshly inspired to live a healthy, fun and creative life! Come and join us on our adventures as we navigate the road of motherhood together.






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