Unspoken Fears

You would think I would be as calm as cucumber seeing as this is my third baby right? And in many ways I am - I'm not overly nervous about the birth - If anything I'm eagerly awaiting that day and finding myself getting more and more excited as my impending Due Date...

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Style My Room With Room 13 Design

I'm learning that there are so many ways you can make a space more interesting by adding something unique to an area in your home. I love that there are just endless opportunities when it comes to incorporating a creative touch to a cupboard or wall feature. When i...

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Note To Pregnant Self

There are some things that really ought to come with a massive WARNING when pregnant. Not just pills and pharmaceutical drugs - I'm talking about the everyday life stuff that, when you are pregnant should come with an entirely different set of rules and guidelines....

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Hi I’m Leigh, Mom to two of the cutest boy creatures alive! On this space you will find snippets of our life in Cape Town and the many facets that make up our parenting journey. From great food, kids decor, fashion, helpful tips and insightful articles, I hope you will be freshly inspired to live a healthy, fun and creative life! Come and join us on our adventures as we navigate the road of motherhood together.




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